Monday, October 18, 2010

The Joke Tellers

I took pictures of the boys today while they made up jokes to tell me. It was hilarious. Not because the jokes were funny, but because the jokes made absolutely no sense and yet the boys were certain that they were being hysterical. It's easy to laugh with a kid who thinks they're being funny. 

It actually started with me trying to tell them some jokes. This is how it went. 

Bud finally begged me to stop.

Tough audience. Ouch.

Then Bud and Big decided to show me how it was done.

Thinking of a joke can be pretty tough...

... but sometimes the perfect one comes to you as if from the heavens...

... and when you deliver the punchline and get the laughs there's almost nothing better.


We're sorry you're not funny, Mom.

But we are.


carmar76 said...

LOL Looks like everyone had fun being funny! : )

jww said...

Cute!! I know--having them tell jokes is the BEST!! There really is NO entertainment like that around!

Lindseybabe said...

What a cute post Jana! Love it!