Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week has been interesting, to say the least.

1. I was able to hang out with 2 of my sisters and my mom twice this week. My younger sister, Auntie Art, gave my older sister an awesome Sharpie tattoo. 

And then we read online about how bad it is to use Sharpies on your skin.... oops!

2. Having my sister's family here this week has meant that a few times my kids have gone over to hang out with their cousins at my folks' house, leaving me home alone with a sleeping baby. A much needed respite.

3. Having my sister here this week has also meant that she brought Ginger and Bud with her. It was weird having them gone for 8 days, but they had a blast and returned home safely. Bud tried a ton of new foods while he was gone! Awesome.

4. Rophone was in the hospital for most of the past week. Definitely not one of my favorite things, but what does make the list is the fact that he escaped abdominal surgery, and I got to pick him up yesterday and bring him home. He's still not quite back to normal, but it sure is nice to have him back. 

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jww said...

I'm glad Rophone is back home from the hospital! So sorry about that. Ug! COOL Sharpie tattoo, bad for your skin or not. ;)