Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites

I'm not quite sure what to list this week. Rophone is on a quadruple dose of steroids to help his body recover from his Crohn's attack, and I'm suffering from the all natural type of 'roid rage brought on by whacked hormones. Our poor children. Ah! That gives me an idea...

1. All of our children survived the week. Yay!

2. I caught up on the ironing and mowed the lawn yesterday. It felt good. Sometimes there's nothing like manual labor to help vent frustration.

3. I think I'm getting ever closer to entering the city limits of Crazy. It has been a surprisingly lovely drive.

4. I love my husband. 

5. The kids are swell, too. 

6. I just finally got a chance to eat a fantastic veggie sandwich for lunch. And it's only 4:00! 

Not the best Friday Favorites ever, but it'll have to do. Here's to next week!


patti's place said...

Time is a healer of all wounds, they say. Here's to surviving and hopefully a better week coming up!

jww said...

I think "didn't kill my children this week" should come up in conversation more. People really deserve a LOT of credit for that. I think I may just put that on my resume. If I ever have a use for a resume again.

The Laundry Queen said...

I wish there were a "like" button, no a "LOVE" button for your comment, jaydubdub. Made me laugh.