Monday, August 29, 2011

Six Months with Edith

Edith turned 6 months old on Saturday! I'm not sure where the time is going, but the older I get the faster it seems to go there. Yeah, I know I say this every month...

Edith continues to be the most patient and laid-back baby we've ever had. I mean, look what I did to the poor girl:

I was squashing her ears, and the goggles left an enormous indentation in her forehead (she's probably plotting some kind of dastardly revenge for the teenage years). Thanks for playing with me, Edith!

The girl loves to suck on her toes now, but has given up on sucking her thumb for the most part (hooray!). Now she just shoves her thumb way deep into the left side of her mouth and munches on it. It's what she's gotta do, since none of her teething rings reach back to the molar she's getting. Yup. A molar. Edith shows no signs of any teeth in front, but has a huge bulge where her upper left molar will be. Definitely unexpected, but I guess it explains all of the drooling.

Edith is super expressive and has learned to smile for the camera. It makes my job of capturing her easier (and more entertaining!). She has quite the personality.

I think the funniest thing Edith has been doing lately is sneezing with a flourish. She still loves to do raspberries and has decided to tack one on the end of her sneezes. It makes sneezing much more fancy and fun. 

Edith started on baby food a little over a week ago. She hates it. She opens her mouth wide when she sees the adult food we're eating pass by, but whenever the spoon approaches with baby food on it her lips are sealed tight. I think she's getting more into it finally, but I'm pretty sure the kid still just wants a piece of pizza. I guess that's where those early molars might come in handy.

She was pretty excited about eating at the beginning, but it quickly lost its luster...

Edith may not love baby food, but she absolutely loves it when her daddy bestie flies her to her mommy for kisses. She feels like a superhero. Her mommy loves it, too.

Our baby girl really is getting so old! I know this because Edith can now sit up for as long as she wants without falling over, and can even reach for stuff behind her without toppling. She loves to play her little piano and gnaw on her favorite teething ring, but her favorite things continue to be books. Pretty cool, I think.

Edith loves to sit up in her little bathtub, too. She puts her hands below the surface of the water and moves them around while she stares at them intently. She seems fascinated by the water and how it feels and makes her hands look. It's fun to watch her.

Okay, so now for the stats. I took Edith in for her appointment today and it went about as expected. The doctor is as impressed with her as we are. Edith hasn't quite kept up the pace with her weight gain, but I'm not surprised. That's what tends to happen when you'd rather play than eat. She's still super tall, though.

Height: 28 1/2" (99.71 %)
Weight: 18.87 lb (93.19 %)
Head: 17 1/2" (93.18 %)

No matter what her size is, we think she's a dang cute package. Happy six month, Edith!


patti's place said...

She's pretty darn cute and still very squeezable. She's a six month star! Grandma and Grandpa love you!

Tamsen said...

So cute! She's already changed so much since we were there! Love that shirt with polka dots on the sleeves. Six months is probably my favorite stage. She is too adorable.

carmar76 said...

*hearts* the polka dot shirt & the smiles & she is just matching the other kids in adorableness! : )

jww said...

Great post. So fun. My favorite picture of this group has got to be the one where someone is feeding her (holding out a spoon) and she is just looking at the spoon like, "You've got to be kidding me." So funny. She really is adorable. All my kids were those 95%-tile sizes, and so those are my favorites. :) BTW, #5 SHOULD be the easiest, most laid-back you've ever had. That means there is justice in the world. ;)

The Laundry Queen said...

That *is* a funny photo, jww. I especially love how big the spoon is in comparison to her little mouth.