Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites Times Two

Since I missed posting last Friday while we were on vacation, this will be a doozy.

1. On Monday the 19th I took the two younger kids to watch Ginger in her 6th grade Greek play. She was one of the narrators and I was so proud of how loudly and clearly she spoke, with inflection! Anyway, she wasn't a typical, mumbling pre-teen and I was happy to see her do so well. 

2. We took off very early on Wednesday morning to head to Arizona for Thanksgiving. I was just so excited to be getting out for a road trip to somewhere. I'm really glad that things worked out last minute so that we were able to go. I think the little mini McDonald's arches sticking out of the top of the mirror in the first picture is hilarious. 

3. The trip was great and we had a fantastic time seeing members of both of our families. I already posted about it here, but I forgot to include my phone photos so you get them now. Yay, right?

The next few things also happened as a part of our Thanksgiving trip, but they deserve their own numbers...

4. Bud lost his top right front tooth on Thanksgiving day! The kid normally refuses to wiggle his loose teeth, but when I saw how incredibly loose the tooth was I challenged him to wiggle it every time we were driving somewhere in the car. Phoenix is a huge city, folks, so it worked! He looks so dang cute, and I know the other top front one is soon to follow. (Just in time to sing the song for Christmas!)

5. We split up the drive back home from our vacation, so it allowed Rophone and me to get together Saturday morning with a good friend of ours who lives down there. It was so great to see her.

It also allowed us to see Big drinking hot cocoa and checking up on the game scores. That kid just needs to be an adult.

6. I love how the more leisurely drive home allowed us to take things at a slightly less intense pace. I think when you're already miserable about having to return home, increasing the misery with a long drive just makes things worse. Gee, I wonder who wasn't getting enough sleep while bunking with cousins? :)

7. Even though returning from vacation is always a bit of a downer, there is comfort in the routine of home that I enjoy.

8. I love this time of year.

9. Rophone and I went to see Pen in her school dance concert tonight. It deserves its own post, so I'll do that tomorrow. I'm just so excited to be able to include Pen in a blog post! She's been like my absentee child now that she's a teen. 

10. After Pen's concert, Rophone and I went on a date. Hallelujah. 

I guess the list wasn't so long after all. I'm sure I forgot some stuff, though. I can barely remember what happened this morning, let alone what happened last week. But, it'll do.

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jww said...

What a great time in AZ. That is one long drive, too. I felt like "where's waldo" looking for the golden arches in the sideview mirror picture... but I found it! That WAS funny!