Thursday, November 1, 2012


I posted about carving the pumpkins the other day-- so glad I already got that out of the way. This post is going to be long enough as it is. Might as well get started...

We got the costumes out on Halloween morning so that Bud could bag his up to take to school for the afternoon Halloween parade. This, of course, resulted in Edith deciding that she absolutely must wear her costume for the whole day. I got to go to the school to help with Bud's class party, so Rophone got to spend the morning running errands with Froggy. Thank goodness Rophone took the day off to help me out (there was lots going on)!

One of the errands run by Rophone and Froggy was to the party store to buy some balloons and stuff to decorate for Pen's party. Froggy was having a blast until Rophone pulled out his phone to take her picture. EdithFroggy has developed a dislike of having her photo taken. Can you tell?

Bud's class party ended just in time to bring Big home with me. Then there was the so-long-for-Big-he-thought-he-was-going-to-die wait until we had to go back to the school for the Halloween parade. Big was so excited to participate for the very first time. I forgot my camera so was forced to try to capture the moment with my phone. The light was rather dim and, well, you can see the mediocre results. But, at least I have a record of it.

And sweaty EdithFroggy and I loved watching the parade with this guy:

What a hunk!

After the parade we went home so that I could begin prepping things for Pen's very first Halloween party. Thank heavens Rophone was around to do the necessary shopping in the morning while I was at Bud's class party. By the time I got home from the parade I only had about 3 hours to make cookies, put up decorations, finish the cleaning, do all of the other food prep... Not only was the shopping helpful, but only about half an hour after we got home from the parade Rophone had to pick up the other kids from school, bring Bud home to change for climbing class, take all of the kids to buy bread and then drop Bud off.... boy am I glad my husband is back in town. Phew!

I managed to get Pen to help with a little bit of the cleaning, but she needed a bit of time to get into her costume. I was a little bugged at first, but when I saw how well the costume turned out I was glad she took the time. Plus, Pen was a good big sister and helped Ginger with her costume, too. As the kids finished getting ready I took breaks from party prep to take their pictures. I was pretty much successful. All except that Edith. I hope she starts to like having her picture taken again someday. 

Pen dressed up as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games. I think she looks great.

Ginger went as a child of the '80's. The girls did a great job of putting together a believable outfit with what we had at home, but how I wish we had a pair of high-cut aerobics briefs to go over the leggings. That would have been the perfect finishing touch.

Edith set a terrible example. It didn't help that I hadn't had time to fix anyone anything to eat for dinner. Oops.

I managed to threaten one more smile out of him, though. 

And I love the way the two girls are looking at me in this shot. Maybe I was having a bit of a hunger meltdown, too. 

Thankfully, Rophone saved the day by picking up something for the kids to eat while he was fetching Bud from his climbing class. By the time he got home it was after 6:00, the kids were starving, Ginger's friends were arriving to go trick-or-treating, Pen's friends were showing up for the party, and the light was waning. Waning! I hurried Bud into his costume so I could take his picture before it got too dim. He was so proud of his costume.

What a handsome police officer!

I managed to snap a quick photo of Pen and her friends before it got too dark, too. (Pen is standing down a step from all of her friends so she doesn't tower over them, my giant-child)

I hung out at the house, giving out candy and chaperoning, while Rophone took the younger kids out trick-or-treating. I was sad not to see Edith's first time, but was glad I could help Pen have a great Halloween, too. Ginger had a blast roaming the neighborhood with her friends and they all ended up back at the house to eat food and hang out for a while when they were done. I think Halloween was a blast for everyone. 

Halloween with 5 kids can get pretty crazy. I can't wait to see what next year brings. (I think I might have to insist that Rophone take every Halloween off! I couldn't have done it without him.)

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jww said...

Wow--what AMAZING costumes and what a great party!!! Lucky, creative kids! So great. (Belinda would TOTALLY stand on a step down from her friends, too. She's 12 and just shy of 5'6".) I agree--a high-cut leotard (whatever) would have been PERFECT over the leggings for the 80s look. SO perfect. But she did look pretty great anyway! They all did.