Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favorites

It has been kind of a blobbity-blah kind of week for me, but I'll see what I can come up with. Hmmm...

1. It snowed last weekend. I really like how beautiful fresh snowfall is. 

2. I really, really love that we have a little hill in the back yard that the kids can sled on. It's nice to be able to just send them out the door to go sledding and it entertains them for hours. 

3. We took the kids out to eat at a local restaurant that we've been promising to take them to for years. And I mean that literally. Years. Guess it's a good thing we got around to keeping our promise eventually because all the kids loved it. I think they just really enjoyed going out. It was fun.

4. Edith cracks me up. I'm so glad I have her to hang out with.

5. I made Ginger and Bud take photos with me when I picked them up from school the other day. I love them, darnit, and we need more photos together! (Now I just need to get Pen in on it-- it's like she isn't even a part of this family as far as the blog goes. Teenagers.)

6. I love my husband. He's so patient with my foibles. And when I post things on the internet. 

7. Bud is such a great writer. Reading the stories he writes makes me happy. Seeing my kids work hard and excel at something is definitely a favorite. (Bud reached the top of the climbing wall on Wednesday!)

8. I cleaned and organized the walk in closet in the hall this week. It is kind of the dumping ground for the stuff that no one wants to put away, so it's nice to have it look good. I also gave the kitchen counters a good deep clean today. Not as cathartic for me as working outside, but good nonetheless.

9. I talked to my older brother today. I was so glad he gave me a call. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one still feeling melancholy about my dad. I really do love my family.

Looking forward to next week!


patti's place said...

#9 And your family loves you, too! Way to bring on the tears. Love my family!

jww said...

Blobbity-blah is an awesome term. The snow & sledding pictures were so great. It's funny to me to think YOU have snow and WE don't out here in Snow Land. And good for Rophone for his patience--and actually, I really like seeing little-kid pictures like that because I find it so fascinating to see which of your kids look like whom. You know I did that recently after the millionteenth time of somebody telling me that Preston looks "exactly" like Kevin because he REALLYREALLYREALLY doesn't. Anyway, my tangent. I do enjoy the little-kid photos, and I'm glad Rophone is okay with it. :)

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