Friday, June 21, 2013

All About Dad

Father's Day was a really low-key affair this year (sorry, Honey). I was a little spaced out when it came to what day of the week it was and so ended up making his special Father's Day breakfast of puffed pancakes a day early. That just meant he could request steel cut oats for the actual Father's Day the next day. Lucky duck. We were invited to Rophone's Dad's house for dinner and it was so great to spend some much-needed time with them. 

The one thing I did make sure to do for Father's Day was have the kids fill out a questionnaire about their dad like they did for me on Mother's Day. I think it's fun to see their answers.

Edith does an amazingly good job of answering the questions-- her answers are pretty spot on. You're right, Edith, your daddy is getting really good at Scrabble. 

Big said that I "never" laugh, and said he doesn't know when Rophone laughs... guess we'd better laugh more with Big. 

I totally wasn't surprised that Bud said his favorite thing to do with Rophone is "go shopping". The kid is a clothes horse and Rophone is a softie-- a match made in heaven!
Those brown eyes get him every time...

Ginger is the second kid to give a shout out to Rophone's french toast. It's true, the dash of cinnamon he adds puts it over the top.

There are many things to love about Pen. Clearly, she needs a reminder of what those are. She knows her dad pretty well. 

Rophone is such a fantastic father to our kids-- I really couldn't ask for anyone better. I love him and, obviously, so do they. Happy Father's Day, Rophone! We're so glad you're ours!


CarrieMarie said...

omh! i love this idea, and the answers, so much!! : )

patti's place said...

Fun thing to do with your kids and will make some great memories!

jww said...

So fun. :)