Monday, June 3, 2013

Phone Purge

I don't really miss writing Friday Favorites posts. Even though the idea behind it was to get me to pay attention to the great things in my life (which is a good thing), it was really getting to be kind of a drag. I didn't like how I was saving things up during the week to try to beef up my post instead of writing individual posts about events, and the pressure to write every Friday was getting annoying. Sometimes at the end of a long Friday, the realization that I still had to do my Friday Favorites made me want to cry. But, I felt compelled. That's why I dumped it.

The one thing I do miss about writing Friday Favorites every week is the opportunity to post random photos that I've taken. Photos that deserve to be included, but don't necessarily warrant their own post. Anyway, I've been neglectful and have a bunch of catching up to do. So, this post is just what it says it is-- a purging of my phone photos with explanations. There are a lot, but hopefully I'll do this more often so I can keep up with documenting even the little things for the kids to look back on. I'm just not going to do it on a schedule.

Okay, let the purging begin...

I took this first photo on April 27th (see, I told you I had a lot of catching up to do). Even though it was just a few days after my gallbladder surgery I just had to snap it. It's not often that my boys play so well together. So cute.

In this next picture (April 29th), Edith was upset to find that her dad had deigned to go somewhere without her. They were pretty much constant companions while Rophone was off work to take care of things after the de-gallbaldder-ing. She angrily watched out the window for his return. Paparazzi hater.

I love this photo of Rophone playing Skip-Bo with the 3 youngest after church (May 5th). Rophone is such a good dad and Big is so totally his mini-me. The best.

I have been trying to be more relaxed in the kitchen and let the kids help more. Bud is so happy to be in the kitchen with me.

Sometimes I splurge and order an ice water from the drive-thru. I like to go to the same place every time because it's always served with a smile. Good customer service = repeat business.

On May 6th I caught a photo of Edith going down her favorite slide. The Daddy-slide. It cracks me up that she says "Wheeee! Whee!" as she scoots herself down inch by inch. I guess it must be a lot more fun than it seems.

I adore this photo of the kids enjoying rain. It makes the Oregonian in me smile. I get so flabbergasted around here when people say they can't do things because it's raining. Ummm... what? I'm so glad my kids seem to have some Oregonian in them, too.

On May 9th, the girls were being rather ornery all day-- every time we tried to ask them to do something we received some pretty nasty attitude in response. So, when we tried to get them to open their bedroom door to come to dinner and they snapped at us, we just left them. It was a lovely meal.

Still a paparazzi hater...

Edith did something so unlike her while I was getting ready for the day on May 14th. She explained that she thought it would look pretty, like tattoos, but was terribly disappointed that it didn't turn out as she had hoped. She asked me to wash it off. Who would have thought the two year old wants to be sleeved up?

We had a few dandelions in our backyard. After Big decided that blowing them was way more fun than obeying us and not blowing them (on several occasions-- he did it in secret), this is what you get. At least the photo is nice.

I am so glad that I'm raising Edith to appreciate green smoothies and good books. Perfect way to start the day.

I really can't believe how old Edith is starting to look. She's crossing the line between baby and kid, I can see it. Must be all of those good smoothies.

Can I just say how much I love it when kids fight over who gets to do a chore? Luckily splitting the kitchen in half is easier than splitting a baby. 

A few weeks ago, Bud started getting into Sudoku. He's a master.

I just had to take a picture of when Edith and I were playing together on May 20th. It was so cute how she kept accidentally calling my yak a "Zach". She was so embarrassed every time she misspoke. Adorable.

See what I mean about Edith straddling the line between baby and kid? Cute shopper.

Oh, and can I just add that my husband is totally hott? Totally.

There. That should just about bring us up to date. I'll try to be better about keeping up in the future. 

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jww said...

These are great! Yeah, that's why I couldn't ever do a Friday Favorites (well, consistently). Seems so hard and not as spontaneous. I loved yours, but I like Phone Purge just as well.

We have started just leaving Grumpster(s) behind, too, and it really does make for an enjoyable time. :)