Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Mother's Day

I don't even know how to approach writing about how Mother's Day was for me this year, so I will just talk about my wonderful family and the things they did to make it great. Rophone was fabulous, as usual, and treated me like the 'Queen' that I am. I was so excited (yes, for real) about the white board he bought me so I can create a (much overdue) chore chart for the kids. I'll post about it when I'm done.

The younger three kids all made me cute little cards/gifts. I knew I was getting something from the boys, but was surprised and so happy that the nursery leaders at church helped Edith make something. I love her tired face in the photo. I adore all of the things they made for me, and the loves and hugs that came with them.

We had a lovely dinner over at my Mother's house. It's always nice to eat a good meal without having to do any of the work. My sister, Art, took a picture of the 'kids' table'.

I managed to get all of the kids to fill out a little questionnaire about me for Mother's Day. Surprisingly, the older girls were super willing. The only one that didn't seem to want to do it was Big, but once I realized he just didn't want to do all of the writing entailed he happily dictated his answers to me. 

Edith was pretty funny when she did this. At times she answered me seriously, with some of them she tried to be funny (once she discovered that funny, non-sensical answers made her siblings laugh), and with others she clearly wasn't sure what I was asking. 

I definitely love that Big is a hard worker. And, he's right, the bran muffins rock.

I love that Bud thinks I'm so good at sewing. I guess fixing holes in stuffed animals must make me an expert.

I'll totally forgive Ginger for getting my age wrong because of her sincere guess that I weigh 105 pounds (Seriously, it's what she really thought).

Pen isn't really my creation, but I'm doing my best to help her become a masterpiece. At least she thinks I can be funny. 

I love seeing how my kids see me, although they probably try to make sure they answer in a way that won't hurt my feelings. Whatever. I'll take it. It's just an exercise in being tactful, right? Thanks, Rophone and kids, for making me feel special for Mother's Day! I love you!


patti's place said...

Happy Mothers Day! I'm glad that you are my grandchildrens mother.

jww said...

How fun. Their answers were so cute. What a great Mothers Day. You ARE a great mom! :)

And, just think. Should you ever go in search of a new blog name, Coca is pretty cute.

Sue said...

I love this!! Those are so great. I loved the "my mom laughs: never" one. :)