Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Big graduated from kindergarten last week. He aced his testing and is ready to move to the big time. Boy, is he ready. The kindergarten classes performed a short program of a dance and songs outside of the school and then each kid took turns completing the phrase, "Before I came to Kindergarten I couldn't do _____, but now I can." Big filled in the blank with "math". He totally could do math before he went, but whatever. Ha!

Here are some of the photos I took while I watched. Of course, I was standing on the wrong side to get a good angle of his face, but that's what always seems to happen when you don't know where your kid is going to be standing.

I love how he reacted when he caught sight of us.

Okay, here we go cowboys and cowgirls...

I was proud of how patiently Big waited in line to say his little sentence about what he learned in kindergarten. A lot of the kids seemed a little confused by the system. And I love his stance as he delivers it. So him.

Waiting for the other kids to finish so they could sing to us..

See the little kid standing next to Big as they sing (to our right)? I don't know how he managed it, but somehow on the height chart they brought home on the last day, he is marked as taller than Big and as, like, the 3rd tallest in class. Cracked me up.

Happy graduation, Big! We love you!


jww said...

Oh, that is so great. I love it. I love that his response was "math" when he already knew it. I wish I could remember Preston's response, but it was hilarious--something like "I already knew everything." And that is my life summarized in one 5-second blip.

Big will be great in first! What a fun day.

patti's place said...

Congratulations, to the family and especially to Big! Another milestone! I remember that the 8 year old's response what very remarkable as well.

Sue said...

What a cute kid! I love the pictures. Here's to a great summer before the big-time! (grade 1)