Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Post I Forgot

When I was loading the pictures from our trip onto my computer, I realized that I missed posting about something very important-- Ginger's 6th grade graduation. Oops. I also have a photo of Bud with his adored (and adoring) teacher. Better get on that before I post about the reunion, I guess.

Ginger wasn't super excited for me to take her picture, but if the school is going to make the effort to put on a graduation (that I then have to sit through), you can bet I'm going to take pictures. 

First the kids performed a few lovely songs. Gotta love the parent who stood up in front of me as I took the shot...

When it was time to receive her diploma, Ginger raced by as quickly as she could. I still managed to get a few slightly blurry, but usable photos, however. Nice try, Ginger.

And here's a photo of the famed "Graduation Cat" that I already posted about:

With her Auntie Opera and the "cat":


I love Big's photo bomb.

With her teacher:

Some friends:

And me and Edith..

Congratulations, Ginger! I can hardly believe Ginger will be in Middle School in just a little over a month, but I know she'll do great and love it.

I'll close the post with a picture of Bud with his beloved 2nd grade teacher. The adoration was mutual, believe me. She would always whisper to me, "Bud is my favorite. I love him so much." It was so nice for Bud to have a teacher who appreciated who he really is. She told me that she had never met such a self-motivated, driven 2nd grader. And she was impressed by how well he got along with everyone. She thinks Bud will go far in life and I think so, too.

What a great school year for everyone! I can't wait to see what next year brings.


jww said...

Happy day, Ginger!! So exciting. I got similar (fuzzy, running) pictures of Belinda at her 5th grade/elementary graduation. So thrilled for Bud! An awesome teacher is the best thing in the world. And so fantastic to be appreciated and encouraged. That's wonderful.

Sue said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! I love Ginger's low ponytail, kind of reminds me of myself at that age!