Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beachin' It Land-Locked Style

When we were at Art's house for the 24th, she mentioned this new park with a pond and beach. Rather than just talking about how we should go but never really doing it (as I often seem to do), we actually made plans on the spot to meet there a few days later.

I didn't even try to convince Pen and Ginger to go, opting instead to make the outing with just the two youngest. It ended up being such a relaxing time. The kids loved it. Definitely a place we will return to.

Edith was pretty tentative about going in the water, but that's just fine with me. Her caution allowed me to sit and relax more and worry less. I love what a dainty digger she is.

Big panned for gold while we were there, but wasn't uber-successful. 

Maybe if we go a few more times he'll strike it rich. Thanks for the introduction to a new place, Art, it was tons of fun!

When we got home from the beach, we gave Big a new haircut. Lookin' good, Big!


patti's place said...

That looks like a fun place to go!

jww said...

Aw bummer, no gold?! Maybe next time. Looks like a fun little place. And cute haircut, too.