Sunday, August 11, 2013

Starting the Catch Up

I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged. It's a little overwhelming to think about how much I have to do to catch up, but if I don't get started it will get even worse. I went through my folks' house with my sister and that was pretty overwhelming and exhausting, too. No energy left for blogging, that's for sure. Anyway, let's go for it...

As much as the kids loved, loved, loved being on vacation, there's something nice about getting back home and picking up the routine again, too.

The older girls took off to Girls' Camp the tuesday after we returned from the reunion. When I told Edith she'd have to go video work trucks with us she complained and refused. I told her she could wear her shiny, new, hand-me-down party shoes and she finally agreed. Reluctantly. A few days later, Edith came up to me, begging to go look at work trucks again. I couldn't believe she was so eager... until I told her to go grab her shoes. Apparently, everything really is better with party shoes on.

I even tried to take them to the park once that week, to ease the pain and boredom of vacation being over, but unfortunately it was too hot for us to last long. I think it just made them miss Oregon and the great temperatures there even more. Parenting fail. :)

I realized on that morning at the park that with Big starting 1st grade I won't be getting as many photos of the two youngest together as I have been. It's kind of nearing the end of an era. Looks like it will be the Edith blog from here on out.

Thankfully we had a couple of rainy days mixed in with the terribly hot weather. My kids sure do love the rain. Must be that Oregon blood they got from their mother coursing through their veins. 

When it got hot again, I rewarded them with some ice cream for all of their hard work watching work trucks. It was fun, but I was reminded why I never take the kids to ice cream by myself. Having to lick their drips was making me sick to my stomach. Not liking sweets can be such a burden sometimes. Ha! It was really just so weird taking only these two blondies places all week. I'm pretty sure that people thought that I was their nanny.

The girls got home from camp on Saturday, and then on Sunday I made the play dough I had been promising to make forever. It really is fantastic stuff and proved to be a hit with everyone. Thank heavens I finally made it and released myself from that guilt. 

At this point I think I was kind of running out of 'Motivated Mom' steam, so luckily my little sister, Art, proposed a trip to the splash pad. With her twin boybies pushing their strollers around it ended up being a little like stroller derby-- way more exciting and fun.

Okay, and the next thing that happened really probably deserves its own post, but Pen didn't get one when she got her braces off and Bud didn't get one when he got glasses (blogger fail).... Edith is potty trained! She went from pretty much doing nothing on the potty to being potty trained in no time flat. Just like I thought, it needed to be her idea. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the proud face of an underwear wearer:

Way to go, Edith! Yesss!

Let's see, we did a few other things in the few weeks after we got back from vacation...

Pen treated Edith to some sisters bonding with manicures (gorgeous!):

We made some cookies to take to the new neighbors:

We played some games:


Next up, the 24th of July! I bet you can hardly wait.


patti's place said...

Great photo shooting! Looks like you are having fun!

Sue said...

I like this post! A lot of the best memories are when you're not on vacation, just doing the regular stuff. :)

CarrieMarie said...

*smile* fab post, my dear!

jww said...

You are always doing such cool stuff. I love it all.