Friday, March 28, 2014

Marching with Cousins

My brother, Rib, came into town last week with his family for their Spring Break. We managed to fit in a couple of really fun visits while they were here. Wednesday night we had them over for dinner. Art came with her family, too, and my older brother happened to be in town for business. We ordered pizza to make things simple and just hung out and visited. It was tons of fun. Here is a photo of the younger cousins eating at the kitchen table:

On Saturday, Rib brought his kids down and we headed out to the park. It was perfect weather for it and I think the kids had a really great time. I took a few pictures while we were there but, really, most of the kids were moving too much to capture them very effectively.

For quite a while, Rophone and I took turns helping Edith push her imaginary twin babies on the swings. I put her on the spot and asked her what her babies names are and she answered, "Robbery and Cutri. You're pushing Robbery and I'm pushing Cutri." It's probably a good thing that she has a few years before she'll be naming any kids of her own. 

My kids were so happy to see their cousins. Thanks for coming for a visit!


patti's place said...

Great recapture of fun times. I love our family!

jww said...

That's so cool!!! How fun!! I miss being that close to family. Whenever we get together it's more of an official meeting (because it has to be arranged and coordinated many months ahead of time) and not this casual and relaxing.

Bud's hair is getting so long! His curls are amazing!!