Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long Time, No Post

Woah. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted. Life has been kind of busy, I guess. Plus, there's a good chance I haven't felt like it. As a result, though, I have a ton to catch up on. I know how it goes but I put it off anyway. I have a bunch of fun stuff that has been developing (more on that at a later date) and it's been a lot of fun (like exactly what I'd hoped and dreamed and what I needed), but I think it kind of occupies the same brain space as my blogging. Not room for all of it, it seems, but I'll do my best to bring everything back up to date.

One day in early April the boys noticed our elderly neighbor out in her yard, gathering up the pine needles that had fallen from her trees during the winter. They asked if they could go out and help her after they ate lunch (of course!), so they scarfed their food, grabbed the stuff they needed, and headed out to give her a hand. I snuck out and took this picture while they worked. I sure do love my boys and their ability to see opportunities to help others (and their willingness to do so).

Pen has always wished she could draw. One day a few weeks ago she decided to sit down and see what would happen if she tried. Apparently she can draw. I'm impressed with her first real attempt and think with some lessons she might really be amazed by what she can do. Hopefully she'll decide to take a class someday.

Big was sick for the whole week before Spring Break, so he had a full two weeks off of school. He was pretty miserable with a cough, but it didn't stop him from playing with Edith or asking lots of questions. We waited in the car when Ginger and Bud went to the orthodontist and I'm pretty sure he can now operate a car. I'm pretty sure I asked lots of questions like that when I was his age, so I guess it's just karma.

I was so happy when Rophone took a turn doing Edith's house floor puzzle with her. Not only because I didn't have to do it (that floor is hard!), but because it's so dang cute to watch them play together. 

Edith really loved having a playmate when Big was home sick. They made an awfully cute pair of Nupboards in my cupboards.

I got this cookbook and I'm really excited about it. Pen is, too. There are some foods she has been missing eating since going gluten free that she doesn't have to miss anymore. I think she's pretty happy.

I'm happy because instead of having to make both gluten free and regular versions of stuff, I can just make the gluten free version and everyone things they're delicious. Good recipes make all the difference.

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Sue said...

Life IS busy and I'm impressed with how much you get done!!