Sunday, May 11, 2014

Between Birthdays

Before I post about what went on for Big's birthday, I need to post about has gone on since Bud's birthday. We didn't do terribly much, other than live life, but there are a few things that deserve mention.

We took the two youngest on a hike up the canyon last Sunday. They were the only two takers on the activity (the other kids missed out, I tell you), and it was really weird to be doing stuff with only two kids. Kind of easy comparatively. I mean, I've done stuff with only two kids before, but not usually with Rophone along. Two parents with two kids is nice. 

Anyway, the hike was actually a series of little explorations as we drove the canyon. The first was a little nature hike. Big loved reading the information signs that were posted along the trail. He really wanted to climb a little rockslide next to the trail…until he read about the great basin rattlesnake that might be hiding among the rocks. No urge to stray from the trail after that!

We found another little trail by the creek. We're definitely going to go back soon with the other kids and have a picnic at one of the nearby tables. Just a nice, relaxing place to be.

Later in the week it was just me and Edith up to our normal-ish stuff again. We had to run to the store and couldn't resist buying some sidewalk chalk.

She got a balloon for being rude/shy to a store clerk, as a reward for not talking to strangers, he said. Edith insisted that the balloon needed to go along with her babies on our walk for some fresh air. Here she is in a pouting stance, because her balloon isn't cooperating the way wants it to due to the wind. We ended up tying it to the railing so it could still have some fresh air while we went on our walk.

On Friday, I was able to get together with some friends that I've known for ages (39 or so years for one, 36 or so for the other). It's so nice to be able to get together with people who, even though you haven't really seen each other much, it is still easy to be together and talk like no time has passed. It was a ton of fun. Luckily I brought Rophone along so he could play photographer.

It was a nice week, leading into a crazy Saturday and the craziness that is to come over the next few weeks preparing to move. Can't wait!

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jww said...

AW!!! All super fun stuff. :)