Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Big Seven

Big turned seven yesterday. The wait between Bud's birthday and his feels like an eternity to him, I can tell, so I think we were all happy when it finally arrived. I was feeling a little stressed, hoping that I could get the cake made and that the weather would hold for the outdoor party for Big and his friends. 

The kids were having more than a few disagreements in the morning, and Rophone had taken Ginger to play in her championship soccer game (I was sorry to miss it, and they placed 2nd, quite happily), but I still managed to get the cake baked. Phew.

After lunch we walked down to the park for Big's party. Let me tell you, having a party at the park was the best idea I've had in a long time. We just took a frisbee, some balls and cones… instant sports party for a group of 7 year old boys. Waaay better than having tons of inside-the-house chaos. Especially with how our house is halfway packed up right now. I was happy that the weather held, only sprinkling on us for a few minutes. 

I wish I would have taken some pictures of his friend party, but I didn't. Let me just tell you that the way they were all looking at Big as he read the nice cards his friends wrote was priceless. A good bunch of kids.

We got home from the friend party and I got ready for the evening's family party. My sister, Art, joined us with her family and it was a lot of fun. 

I'm a pretty good cook, and it makes me happy when my kids request something they love and I make it for their birthday dinner, but it made me super happy that Big requested pizza. Less work for me on a busy day? I'll take it.

After dinner Big got to open his presents. I love the pictures I got of when he opened his first gift. We were trying to explain to Big and his little cousin how cool the "Simon and Simon" IROC-Z Camaro is and the looks on their faces cracked me up. Guess you had to live through '80s TV to recognize its true awesomeness.

 Big was super excited to receive some books and superhero action figures from his Grandma. 

Rophone jokingly told Big that one of his presents didn't have anything in it. I guess Big believed him, because when he opened this really light gift he sang a funny song about receiving an Amazon box and then set it aside without opening it. It was super funny. We had to convince him that there was really something inside the box and that he should open it. I think he was happier with the Super Soaker that was inside than he was with just the box.

This picture of Big's cousin makes me laugh, too. Birthdays aren't as exciting when they're not your own. Ha! Big opened this accessory before he opened the logging truck they go with. "Logs? Why did I get logs?" So funny.

Needless to say, Big was super happy to open the logging truck that the logs are intended for. 

When all the presents were opened, it was time for cake. 

Thinking of a wish can be tough business.

Happy Birthday, Big! We love you!


patti's place said...

Happy Birthday to a cute boy! He's getting so grown up!

jww said...

Oh, how totally fun. Tell him I always wanted an IROC, too!!! ;)