Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Day

I'm always glad when Mother's Day rolls around. Well, to be honest, I often greet its arrival with a bit of trepidation, hoping that the kids will be good and I won't feel gypped. Ha! This year, I'm happy to say I didn't feel gypped. 

Big gave these coupons to me a few days early-- he couldn't wait. They seem a little bit like they could be from Rophone…

Rubbing my body with "loshen" for 50 minutes seems like I would end up pretty slippery. Although, my feet are pretty dry so I think I'll ask him if we can break up the time into smaller increments and he can put lotion on the parts of my body that don't require clothing removal. Same with the 46 minute "musushe". My feet have been cramping up a little lately and could use a good massage.

I think my favorite part about Mother's Day is always not having to worry about getting the kids fed. Rophone ordered some extra pizza for Big's party on Saturday, so lunch was a breeze. After lunch, Rophone enlisted Ginger and Edith to help him wrap gifts. I love that Rophone is such a great researcher-- he's able to find such good deals that I end up getting more than I expect.

I opened the cards from the 3 middle kids first. They were all so sweet and made me feel loved. Big didn't sign his, but I recognize his writing.

So sweet, see? I love that Bud signed his card "sincerely" so I know he really means what he wrote.

I was glad to get one from Ginger, too. 

I know that if Pen hadn't been studying for an AP test and someone had remembered to help Edith that I would have gotten cards from them, too. 

Edith proudly delivered the gifts to me one by one so I could open them as I sat on the couch. I'm lucky that Rophone has such good taste in clothes and he knows just what I like. Sometimes even more than I do!

Edith really wanted to help me open my last gift, her favorite because it was wrapped in two different patterned papers. I was more than happy to hold her on my lap so she could give me a hand.

We were both pretty excited to get the box open.

I was so happy to see the flip flops inside the box. I had to go without a pair last summer and my feet just about died from suffocation. I like my tootsies to be free (and un-smelly!) when it's hot. 

I admit that I gave Rophone a little help with the dinner so I could have what I really wanted (and now he should have the skills to do it himself another time), but I didn't have to do any dishes so I'm cool with it. 

It really was a wonderful Mother's Day. Thanks for helping me feel so loved and appreciated, family! I love you!


patti's place said...

You're a great mother, daughter and friend. Enjoy this next year!

jww said...

Very awesome!! As for not having a card from Pen... My oldest sent me a text that included the word "sorry" that morning. I totally counted it as a Mothers Day gift.

Sue said...

I love all the pictures of you smiling! You really are beautiful. And you have a great smile. :)