Monday, June 2, 2014


I just realized that I haven't posted since "My Day", but we have had a bit going on. Edith and I were super busy trying to get the house packed up to move while the kids were in school. Edith is the best box-labeler ever. She really takes pride in her work.

We also made time to keep clean (good hygiene is super important)..

…and to have a little fun. Relaxation is important, too, so we wouldn't get burned out on our job.

Edith's box-labeling got better and better as we went. One of her goals this year was to work on being able to write things (a real concern when you're two, apparently), and it looks like her hard work is paying off. I'm sure being 3 helps a bit, too.

The big day arrived on May 24th. The kids were so excited to hang out in the truck, especially Big, of course, with Edith as a close second. After living in this house twice for a total of 4 years it's kind of hard to believe we'll never be back, but we are all excited about our moving adventure and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Monday was Memorial Day and we went to visit my Dad's grave with my sister, Art, and her family. I know my mom is happy someone went by to say 'hello'. It's hard to believe that in 3 months he will have been gone for two years. I think of him every day, though. Probably because I'm pretty sure he's taken over my body-- my right ankle always hurts and I now have a strange new affinity for spicy foods. If I start craving pickled herring, I guess I'll know for sure.

We went out for a fun dinner with my sister's family and then came home after for a little relaxation. Big lasted for one round of Love Train and then Pen stepped in. Ginger and Big enjoyed the nice weather outside while the others played a few more rounds. So nice to enjoy being together.

On Thursday night, we went back to the old house to gather the remaining items from the yard. Edith proudly showed off the flower she picked and when I asked if it was for me she replied, "No, it's for me and I love it." Okay. Then she announced, "I'll pick another one." How sweet, I thought. Yeah, that one was for her, too. So cute.

Saturday afternoon we had a work meeting for our game company. I love the people we're working with, and I really love how we do meetings. Best. Company. Ever. Yessss!

On Saturday morning we picked up our niece from a camp she attended and took her and Pen on Saturday night to support a friend as he played with his band. It was fun, although a bit windy and cold. We were staying back from the speakers so as to avoid wearing earplugs, so the band looks a little teeny. They really are normal-sized, though. Mostly. :)

So, that's what's been going on recently. A lot, but not a lot, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we should do some fun things in the next little bit that I'll be able to post about the next time. I can hardly wait to see what they are!


patti's place said...

Nice bit of catch up! Hope all is going well and you are enjoying your "camping" experience!

jww said...

Wow. Super great stuff going on. I so love your photos!! And Edith is such a beautiful subject. And fun. :)

Sue said...

Edith's writing skills (all of your kids) - Amazing!