Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lazy Days

I think we've had a pretty good mix of doing nothing much and doing some little somethings since school got out. Just about how I like to spend my summer vacations. 

Our niece was in town for a few days, so Rophone had the great idea to go up in the canyon to play at the bottom of the waterfall. It was a perfect day for it and we had a lot of fun. Good thinking, Rophone! The older two girls disappeared up the falls once we got there, so I don't have many pictures of them. The younger kids, on the other hand? I'm just going to swamp you with pictures now...

It was a bit bright.

Edith was so happy when her daddy helped her climb the falls like the bigger kids were doing. They were cute to watch.

I know that trip to the falls probably deserved its own post, but oh well. Now we'll move on. 

I had to take a photo of our backyard basketball court. We were just going to leave our hoop in the carport while we're here temporarily, but Big had other ideas. Now he has one hoop to dunk on, one at his current playing height, and one at his future playing height so he can prepare himself. Big is in heaven.

We had another of our weekly work meetings, and I just had to take a picture of these two cuties sitting on the steps as they ate their Creamies. Edith is getting used to her new friend's enthusiasm for her, I think. At least they were having a bit of conversation as they sat together on the steps, and she wasn't trying to get away… Progress.

I had some surgery in my mouth that left me feeling a little less than stellar (especially when kids decline the invitation to hop on the helpful/obedient wagon). Big picked a flower for me to try and help me feel better. Thanks handsome.

Rophone had another grand idea to make a visit to the newly remodeled museum that's nearby. It was really a lot of fun. Very spacious and pleasant to walk around in. I liked that they didn't have too much on display-- just enough to make it really worth our while, but not so much that the kids felt overwhelmed or tired of being there. I'm sure we'll be back.

I had to laugh at how quickly Rophone sped past this Beetle display. Not a bug fan, my man. Ha!I thought it was pretty cool and very cleverly displayed, though. 

I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the butterflies displayed in the shape of a huge butterfly. Gorgeous.

That evening, right at bedtime, Edith let us know she needed to sit on the potty. I put her on with some books on a bench and waited for her to call out that she was done. It was taking her a little longer than I expected, so Rophone went in to see if she was ready to get off. I guess going to the museum is tiring…

Then there was the day she was trying to be sneaky by hiding in the closet:

Seems like summer vacation is going pretty well so far. Can't wait to see what else we get up to. 


patti's place said...

Looks like a fun summer! Enjoy!

jww said...

I especially like the hike and the museum. Great shots. Love the giraffe, too. We went to a museum recently that had a huge beetle exhibit (I forget where?? Montreal, maybe?) Anyway, I just... wow... beetles are not my thing. Amazing, and colorful sometimes, but... wow. No.

Tamsen said...

Looks so fun. Wish we had had more time there to do some hiking together.

Sue said...

I love this! The three hoops crack me up, plus the potty sleeping and feet sticking out of the closet. :)