Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Might as Well

The day after Edith's birthday, we moved! If you're going to possibly overdo it after major surgery, when you've been given instructions not to lift anything over 8 pounds for 8 weeks, no housework, etc… you might as well really go for it, right? I was pretty proud of myself, actually. I didn't lift anything. For real. And for those of you who know me, you know what an amazing thing that is. I just pointed. A lot. I kept the grunting to a minimum, though. 

My amazing family and friends made it possible for it all to happen. Rophone and my girls really stepped up and took on a huge amount of work. It's pretty crazy to attempt a move when we did, but the perfect house for our family came up and we didn't want to hesitate and possibly lose the chance to live there. Luckily, most of our stuff was already boxed up and in storage and just needed to be hauled to the new place. 

Big insisted that I take his photo so that it looks like he's driving the truck. Way to keep your eyes on the road, Big!

The house is perfect for us, just like I thought it would be. It's light and bright, I love that everyone has their own room, the yard is fantastic with a perfect basketball court for Big, and everyone feels comfortable. Like we're at home. Edith is so comfortable here that she doesn't feel like she needs to be where I am all the time anymore-- she plays in all parts of the house, and spends hours entertaining herself. Hours at a time. Really. It's so fantastic.

One of the best parts? It's super close to the elementary and middle schools so we can just send the kids out the door in the morning instead of having to climb in the car. The only kid we have to drive is Pen. On some mornings it means we're cutting out 3 driving trips! That's huge! It means that Edith and I can spend our mornings relaxing and drinking hot cocoa in our jammies instead of sitting in the car. 

Much better. 

Even a move doesn't keep us from making our trips to the library. 

Our new driveway is perfect for Edith to practice riding the scooter she got for her birthday. So much fun.

I uncovered a floor drawing pad that used to be Pen's when I was unpacking our stuff. Edith has spent hours and hours drawing and coloring in it. She has been loving having me draw houses and then she'll color them in. When I started adding doghouses in the yard it became even more fun. 

I really love it when she draws "humans". Edith never calls them people, it's always humans. "Hey, Mom, do you like my human?" It cracks me up. I was wearing an apron with a person on it the other day and Edith said, "Your apron has a human on it." It's almost like she's not a human…

I love that this human she drew has eyebrows and nostrils. 

I should have taken a picture of the human she drew that had dots all over its face. I told her that the dots were cute and she responded, "They're not dots, they're zits." Maybe not so cute, I guess. This three-eyed, spiked penguin is awesome, though. 

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and the leprechauns were up to some tricks. Silly leprechauns. 

Edith was so happy to have something new-to-her in green that she could wear to avoid being pinched. I love that we bought this skort 10 years ago for Ginger and, even after being worn by cousins, it has made its way back to Edith. It's so fun to see Edith looking cute in the same things worn by her sisters. It's still adorable and so is the girl wearing it.

I was pretty happy that for the first time in years I actually had something green to wear. Hooray for not being pinched!


jww said...

Congrats on the house!! That is so, so, so cool. I'm glad you snapped it up--it does sound perfect. Glad you didn't lift anything, either. A wise woman (you) once said to me, "Keep them working for longer than 2 weeks--it takes that long for them to develop the habits." (Okay, I'm paraphrasing.)

Linda said...

Wonderful post, and your photos are beautiful.

The Laundry Queen said...

Thank you, Linda!