Friday, April 3, 2015

A Lot of Goings On

Okay, maybe not a lot, but a few things have gone on over the past couple of weeks. A few days after St. Patrick's Day, Rophone had the grand idea to walk to the school after dinner so the kids could play on the playground. It was so much fun.

I love how Bud played with Edith and patiently tried to help her do new things. What a good big brother. 

I still can't get Big to step forward with the correct foot when he throws, but he has a really strong arm anyway. 

Rophone discovered something absolutely wonderful and life-changing-- a laundry chute! It was hidden in the bathroom built-in. No more dirties left on the bathroom floor because the kids are so excited to chuck their clothes down the hole! Laundry is fun again! Isn't Edith just a perfect laundry-chute model?

My sister's family came to town for their Spring Break, but it wasn't our break so the kids were still in school. We had a lot of other things going on, too, but we still managed to spend some good time together.

On Tuesday morning, Edith and I went to the cemetery with Martha's family to try to find some of our ancestors. We were successful and it was nice to be out together. Plus, I left very grateful for the name I was given. Folks can get pretty creative. 

I went to a doctor's appointment after the cemetery visit, so Edith went with her cousins to do more stuff. They went to lunch and to a museum, followed by a visit to the creamery for ice cream. It was so cute yesterday when Edith was recounting what a fun time she had with her cousins, and how she really liked the new ice cream flavor she tried-- "Raspberry Sherman". Cracked me up.  

I took Martha's family to Bud's district choir concert on Tuesday night while Rophone attended Big's basketball game with Edith. I didn't manage to capture a photo of Bud (he was a little speck far, far away), but I did get a picture with Martha. 

Our parents told us that we're sisters, but looking at this photo I'm not sure I buy it. Ha! 

We had dentist appointments set up for the next afternoon and there was no way I was going to try to reschedule. I'm so glad my kids love going to the dentist, even when their cousins are in town. 

I also had to document that Edith, the-girl-who-hates-wearing-jeans, dressed herself in jeans! She looked super cute in them, I must say.

After the dentist, we still managed to get together with the cousins for a lovely dinner prepared by Martha. It was really nummy, and just fun to see the kids together. They really do get along well.

I took Edith on a balance bike ride the next day and noticed that she's getting too big for the bike. Better get her on the bike with pedals soon! She really is ready for it, though. 

The cousins hung out at our place a lot on Friday (thanks for helping me hang artwork, Martha!) and pretty much all day Saturday. The kids were having a blast. I only took one photo, though, not wanting to ruin the dynamic. You know how it is-- when things are running smoothly you don't want to mess. 

I really do love this house. On Sunday I took my green smoothie out onto the back deck to relax and enjoy the lovely spring weather. So nice. It's great to be in a home that feels like home.

I can't wait until there are leaves on the two big trees that flank the deck. It's going to be  like an oasis. 

Edith and I kind of got back to our usual types of things this week now that the cousins are gone. 

She's been working in her preschool BrainQuest workbook sometimes for hours at a time (she just got it for her birthday a month ago and cried today that she's already done with it) and has been working really hard on her goal of learning to write. It's so, so difficult and frustrating to write an 's', but she's determined. You'll get it, Edith!

Life may be going on as usual for me and Edith, but the same can't be said for the boys. Big finally lost one of his front teeth! So exciting! It's been loose for what seems like forever, so I think we were all pretty excited about it. Bud peeled Big a carrot to help things along.

About ready to jump out of his mouth on its own:

On its bloody way out (thanks, carrot!):

And…gone! Yay!

He was super excited to get $2 from the tooth fairy. Such a gap-toothed cutie.

The next day, Bud had some exciting things happen to his teeth, too-- he got his braces off! His first phase with the braces is complete, so now we just need to wait for him to lose and regain the rest of his teeth so we can start on phase two.



Doesn't he look great?! Fantastic smile, Bud. 

In other news…

Pen is running for office at school (voting closes today, fingers crossed), she was appointed to be on journalism staff for next year, and she made Dance Company. She's really going for broke for her Senior year and we think she'll do great and have a blast. Super proud of her. 

Ginger is signed up for classes for her freshman year of high school next year and has begun her final soccer season with the girls she's played with for 4 years. Bittersweet, but I know they're all excited for what's to come. 

I never feel like that much has really gone on, but there always seems to be stuff to write about. I guess that's just life when you have 5 kids-- never a dull moment. Well, except for when I'm doing dishes. Or ironing. Those are a bit of a snooze-fest. Thank goodness I have all of this other great stuff to balance it out!

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jww said...

Holy smokes, that WAS a big week!!! So much cool stuff!! The teeth are all exciting--Bud's look great. Good luck to Pen for the vote!! She's much braver than I ever was in HS! :)