Thursday, April 16, 2015

We All Dyed

I'm going to split Easter into two posts this year-- the egg dyeing in one and Easter day for another. We all dyed eggs this year, with even Rophone getting in on the action for a bit. It isn't high on his list of things to do, so we were happy when he joined us. Edith really loved having his help.

Everyone was amazed at what a pretty purple Edith's egg was when Rophone helped her fish it out of the cup. I love how I caught jaws open in awe in the photo. So funny.

Edith really loves dyeing eggs-- she kept re-dipping her eggs over and over again. I thought they would all end up brown, but we ended up with some unexpectedly cool shades you can only get when you dip fearlessly. It was fun to watch her. 

Big really enjoys the whole process, too. He was bummed when he ran out of eggs to dye. That green one you can see in the corner of the photo is a really nice shade. I like it a lot.

Bud is a little more like me-- careful to stick to what will give him expected results. I'm trying to loosen up and just go for it a little bit more, so maybe Bud will learn from me and go crazy with his eggs one of these years. I love the way his eggs turned out. 

This is Stan. He's an unassuming sort of fellow. I wanted to see how Sharpies worked on eggs and he was my test subject. Thanks, Stan. 

Here is a bowl filled with some of our finished eggs. I just love how colorful and bright they are. Dyeing the eggs is pretty much my favorite part of Easter, so I'm glad my kids enjoy it, too. They turned out great!

Pen noticed that one of the eggs I dyed reminded her of Monet's "Waterlillies". I didn't achieve the look on purpose, but I can see that it really does. 

My accidental egg made Pen decide to spend more time on her eggs, attempting to dye eggs to resemble works of art on purpose. Using only egg dyes, sharpies, and a clear crayon, she did just that. I am amazed by the results. 

Pen is a talented egg artist, apparently. Who knew?!

I really love the traditions that come along with holidays. And to think that I almost felt too lazy to have the family dye any eggs this year! Look what I would have missed out on!  I doubt I'll ever be tempted to laze out on a tradition ever again. It was so much fun.

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jww said...

I *ABSOLUTELY* love those eggs of Pen's. No kidding. Maybe I can hire her (if I blow the eggs out) to make some for me.... Pick them up next time I'm in town... I LOVE them!! :)