Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Regular Stuff

After Spring Break was over we got back to the regular stuff.  Monday, April 13th happens to be National Scrabble Day, so we made sure to celebrate it by playing a few games. 

I think sometimes we forget how much fun it is to play games together. Rophone kept the goods times going the next night with a game of Memory. He got skunked, as usual. 

Edith officially became a two-wheeled bike rider on Wednesday! It was so cute (and a little nerve-wracking!) to watch her ride. She would start to giggle which would make her lose control. My favorite part was when, as she was riding and giggling, she exclaimed, "I'm a bike rider!" in her little high-pitched voice. The best. 

Edith and I showed up way too early one day to pick Kate up from school, so we decided to kill some time taking a few selfies. The lighting was good and, as Edith pointed out, she looks so cute with her new haircut that we should take a picture. It's fun to have fun together. 

Ginger invited Edith to take a ride on her longboard one day. They did it for ages because Edith didn't want to stop. Thanks for being such a good big sister, Ginger!

My mom came home from her 18 month mission and brought some lovely Marshallese flowers with her. Edith loves hers. We're happy to have grandma home. 

I looked to see what Edith was up to one morning and found her doing this. Just some light, after-breakfast reading. Perfect. 

Big has actually been playing basketball for a few months now, but I finally managed to get a few photos. They aren't great, but I'll try for more this weekend. He still loves the game and we still love to watch him play. 

Yesterday morning, Edith decided she wanted to draw. I love her six-legged unicorn wearing a backpack. One of my friends had me ask her what the backpack contains and Edith said, "It's a flower for her teacher, wrapped up in a box with a bow. That's why the backpack looks square." Awesome. 

I like the regular stuff we do. 

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jww said...

I love it all. I really do. What a great place to be--your house. I love the flower your mom brought home, too. Cool to have her back!