Saturday, September 5, 2015

Falling for Soccer

The beginning of the school year also means it's time for something else-- Fall Soccer! We sure do love soccer around here. This year is pretty exciting because Ginger is playing on the freshman team for her high school and Edith is playing for the VERY FIRST time! So fun! I'll probably do a few soccer posts this fall, but this is to document the first games of the season (Edith's first games EVER!).

Ginger was the first to have a game. I took a photo of her at home before we left for the field. 

Ginger wasn't sure she was going to try to play in high school, but decided to after all. I'm so glad. It's so fun to see her playing again. Plus, I think she's having a blast. 

Then Big had his first game. That kid just loves to play.

Edith was so darn cute in her first game! The pigtails! I'll admit that it made my heart melt to see her running around. She started the game out looking a little uncertain.

But then stuff like this happened (um, strangulation here)...

(by her own teammate, no less!)

...and it just fueled her competitive fire!

Each of the kids had several games in the first few weeks of play, with Ginger having 3 games in one week! So, here are more pictures of the fun. Seriously this is the best time I've had in ages. 

 Here's Edith taking the kick-off and scoring her very first goal! It was a huge kick that went through all the kids and traveled the length of the field and into the goal. Way to go, Edith!

Big and Ginger were working hard on the field, too. Ginger's coach has been playing her everywhere, and I mean that literally. She has played everything from back up goalie to forward. So fun to watch. 

I love this shot because it almost looks like Ginger's dribbling the ball down the field like a basketball. 

It's a good thing I like watching my kids play soccer so much, because we sure do have a lot of opportunities this fall. It's only just begun... :)


jww said...

So much fun!!! I love all the photos! I'm glad Ginger is playing at school--she looks like she's really having fun with it. All the beginner stuff from Edith is just darling. What a great age. I'm impressed you can keep up with three soccer schedules. I can barely do one. ;) But it's SO fun!

Sue said...

I love this. She better play next year so I can come to one of her games! And seeing Edith makes me really excited to get my boys started with soccer in January! And for all the kids to play together at our reunion!