Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where Did September Go?

September seriously just whizzed by. I know it's because we were so busy with all of the kids' soccer games and other activities, and it's not a bad thing, but I just can't believe it's over already! 

We finally managed to get over to Rophone's dad's place for a swim. It was a lot of fun to swim with Grandpa Gorilla. Hopefully we'll make it there more often next year (if they're still living there).

September is also the time of year for canning. It's such a great tradition to bottle peaches every year with my mom. We used to bottle TONS of things when I was growing up-- I have to say I'm happy we've pared it down a little lot.

The Wednesday after Labor Day it was finally time for Edith to begin preschool! Considering that when she turned 4 she told me she was going to be happy not to spend all day, every day with me anymore, she was pretty excited. She instructed me that she needed to be in pigtails for her first day because they're cute.

She's totally right, of course. They are cute. So is the way she styles herself. She has been loving pairing her Van high tops (Big's old shoes) with mis-matched polka dot socks. You can tell she dresses herself, but it all works. She has the flair for it.

Edith is the first kid to do afternoon preschool, and it's pretty tough to wait until after lunch to go. The first day she tried eating lunch early to see if that meant we got to leave earlier (sorry, kid). The second day, the last 15 minutes of waiting were really dragging. Luckily, Edith came up with the great idea of a funny-face photo shoot to pass the time. All you have to do is look at the photos to see what a great idea it was. Brilliant, I say!

After a bit of a creative lull, Bud is back at it. He spent one morning making the game of "Provo-opoly," which the younger kids then spent all afternoon playing. Awesome idea, Bud!

There was more soccer to be watched, of course. Ginger is having a blast playing and I'm having a blast watching her.

Ginger had an orthodontist appointment, too, which was quite a bit less exciting, but Edith and I enjoyed just hanging out in the car with the windows down and the music playing. 

Rophone and I braved the crowds at the Homecoming football game so we could watch Pen dance at halftime. It was great to see her out there enjoying herself.

Edith and Big had more soccer games to attend, too. So much fun.

We had gorgeous tomatoes coming out our ears, so I managed to fit 4 different chili sauce canning days in there somewhere. I'm happy I put in the time and effort-- I managed to make a trade of a haircut for a batch. What can I say? It's good stuff.

We took an afternoon to drive up in the canyon to see the leaves changing. We were maybe a week too early for the really great leaves, but we had a fantastic and relaxing time anyway. 

Let's see... I ate some delicious golden beets...

...had more fun with Edith (like we always do)...

...enjoyed eating waffles cooked with my early Christmas gift from my mom (so delicious!)...

...watched even more soccer...

...managed to catch a picture of the tail end of the blood moon (and no, the world didn't end)...

...and for the exciting, whiz-bang ending to this fantastic month? Big finally, finally lost that snaggle tooth that's been loose and hanging out since July! Hooray! It took a bit of a bribe that I would text the Tooth Fairy to bring him an extra dollar for under his pillow if he lost it THAT DAY. But, whatever. All is fair in love and disgusting looking teeth that you have to look at all the time. 

Seriously, what a fantastic September we had. Sorry to dump it all on you at once, but there's even more coming down the pipe for October! I can hardly wait. 


alisajeaniepete said...

Exciting times. Awesome pics. Love you guys!

Sue said...

Those golden beets are beautiful! I love seeing all the goings on, sure miss you guys!!

jww said...

Wow!! Great times!! :) Everybody has something super cool going on! :)