Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dancing Queen

It's true! Now that Pen is officially seventeen, we can call her that. ABBA says so. We didn't do anything super grand for Pen's birthday, but sometimes low-key is just perfect. 

Pen is a part of Dance Company at school and she was supposed to be with them the weekend of her birthday, competing at a Shakespeare festival a few hours away. Bummer for Pen that she had to stay home to retake the SAT (since the test was administered incorrectly the first time). So, we tried to make it up to her by pulling her out of school and taking her to lunch. I ended up having to stay home with a sick Edith, but lucky Ginger got to tag along. I'm just happy they brought some Thai food home for me.

After dinner that night, we opened gifts, of course. All of her siblings made her a little card and gave her something small (sometimes re-gifted). :) It was so sweet. 

I went for it and made Pen a vegan chai tea spice cake for her birthday. We forgot to buy the vegan butter to make the frosting, but thank heavens just about everything is good with powdered sugar on it. This cake was so good in fact, that I doubt anyone would ever guess it was vegan if you gave them a slice. Bud wants it for his next birthday, de-veganized with vanilla bean whipping cream frosting. 

I still can't believe Pen is 17!

Happy Birthday, Dancing Queen! We love you!


Sue said...

I love that someone gave her a bottled water? :) And the way you stuck all her candles in the cake looks cool. Happy Birthday, Pen! I can't believe she's 17!! And definitely the dancing queen ALL YEAR!

jww said...

Aw!! Happy birthday!! Amazing cake. Really--I always have to hide mine with frosting. That is beautiful. You make the most amazing things from scratch! Hope the Dancing Queen's birthday was awesome. :) Despite, you know, the SAT and stuff.