Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October's On

Pen's birthday got October off to a great start (like it always does). There were just a few other things that went on in the first couple weeks of the month. It was actually pretty low-key and enjoyable.  

We finally got to experience our first real fall-feeling day of the year. The girls convinced me to take them to get a hot drink by telling me that they'd buy me one, too. Okay, twist my arm! It was nice to sit out in the crisp-ish feeling air, talking and sipping. Such a fun thing to do with my teens.

Edith knows what October is all about. And since she's growing, she knows she's running out of time to sport her favorite costume. What a cutie. Everything about my childhood would have been so different if Wonder Woman had actually ridden a horse. It was only for the day, though, because her invisible jet was in the shop.

We watched Ginger play in her last few games of the season (so sad it's over). I'm glad she had such a great time playing with her team. I hope she's able to play again next year because I really love to watch.

There were seagulls flying overhead. A bunch of them. I kept one eye on the game and one eye on them. They aren't to be trusted.

Big had plans to sport this awesome wig for crazy hair day at school, but ultimately decided it was too itchy. Isn't he lovely?

Edith was hard at work on her new novel: The Camel.

I love how Ginger has no problems just being herself. I walked in one afternoon to find her listening to music on her phone like this:

Safety first. Always.

The biggest thing to happen in the first part of October was that we launched a Kickstarter for the kids' video game! It is so important to us to fulfill the promise we made to them a few years ago that we would find a way to make their game. It's a fabulous idea and it deserves to be made-- especially with all of the hard work they put in. I know that the kids thought we had pushed it to the side and that it would never happen, but Rophone never gave up on finding a way. We're super excited that the kids are getting to see how important it is to work hard and never give up, and if you've never done something you learn and study so you can! 

I can't wait to see what happens. I love my family and the things we do. I'm excited for more!

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