Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fun with Surgery

As I sat nervously in the surgeon's waiting room and waited for my name to be called, I wondered how the procedure would go.  How involved would it be? Then my name was called, "Mama!".  I got up from my seat on the fireplace hearth and settled in on the couch and waited to hear what the surgeon had to say.  "It's your toes," he said, "they need to be fixed."

Bud has really loved playing "surgery" lately, especially since I told him how nice it is to have a surgeon in the family.  He takes it very seriously. Sometimes he lets Big be his assistant, in which case licking becomes part of the treatment.

Here is a picture of my toes post-surgery.  They felt much better when he was done, really!

Here is the proud surgeon after completing the procedure:

I have had surgery on a lot of body parts and have never felt so good (although I think that perhaps when he fixed my head so it wouldn't fall off that maybe he tightened it a bit too much).  I really like it when the procedure includes the application of lotion.

My favorite surgery to date, however, has been the breast replacement.  As I settled myself on the couch, Surgeon Bud looked me over and said, "You need new boobs!"  Having nursed four kids....well, let's just say that I agreed right away.  The best part was the extra boobs Bud gave me to take home in case I needed them.


Anonymous said...

Mavis and I both got big chuckles out of this one--I'm so glad you started blogging!

Jen said...

Holy Cow! I am ROFL with this one! I'm so glad you linked to it from your new post. Good luck with the new boobs. If they aren't rejected can I have your spare? (Nursing seven kids has mine completely deflated.)