Friday, April 4, 2008

The Mismatched Socks

So, what about the mismatched socks?  I am referring to my kids as the mismatched socks because a) I started my blog with this laundry theme and I'm not sure how to get out of it and b) Since they are kids they have not yet found their match (if you want to put more thought into it and like the sappy stuff.  I'm not into the cutesy or sappy, so it's really because of a).   I will also refer to my husband, Rophone, in this blog, but he, of course, has his match and therefore is not pictured with the mismatched socks.

Rophone is the best husband for me.  He has always loved and accepted me for who I am and has in the process helped me to be better at being that way about myself.  He "gets" me and often understands what makes me tick better than I do.  Rophone is an audio engineer and luckily for me he's very good at it. He is currently working doing broadcast engineering, post-production, mastering, sound design and mixing (among other things).  Right now he is out gigging with his band as their drummer.

Pen (aka Fine!) is 9 1/2 and is in the 4th grade.  She is named Pen because she loves to write and hopes to be an author someday.  On occasion I may refer to her as Fine! (her favorite response at the moment-- so read the name with the appropriate exasperation and eye rolling), depending on how pre-teenish she's being.

Ginger is so named because of her fantastic hair and dramatic personality.  She is 7 and is in the 1st grade. She frightens me a bit with her talk of what she's going to do when she can drive and wear make-up, etc. Often you'll find her having pretend conversations on an old cell phone she's appropriated.  I was a huge tomboy, so I think I'll be needing help soon. Does anybody out there speak Girl?

Bud is a total Mama's boy.  He is often to be heard yelling at his sisters, trying to enforce some rule or regulation he's afraid they're going to break.  Rophone and I created the issue by making him the "shower enforcer" when he was one.  When the girls were taking too long in the shower we would send him in to yell, "Wash your body!", "Shampoo your hair!", etc. So I guess he's just expanded his job description.  Bud is almost 3 years old, but we often think of him as being older.  It's not our fault.  He used the word telescoping properly in a sentence last week, for pete's sake!

Big is a Daddy's boy.  He is almost always smiling and loves to wrestle.  He is named Big because he's rather...... well, big.  He is almost 11 months old.  

Anyway, those are the people you'll be reading about when you stop by.  Of course, you'll also be reading about me, The Laundry Queen.  All the thoughts, opinions, experiences and hopes that I wish to share. All the dryer lint from my mind, basically. 

By the way, if you happen to know me or my kids and wish to make a comment, please refer to us by our blog names for safety's sake.  


Bob & Peg said...

Welcome to the blog! You are too funny! Tell Fine and Ginger that Sigrid is cutting in Bountiful now at Dollar Cuts...across the street from Costco. You are too clever Jana! I love your girls and it is sooooo cute when Ginger gives me a, "Hi Aunt Peg." in the hall at school. They do have the I am cool factor with the others...only because I am cool.

Rebecca Clarke said...

Darling darlings you have, Laundry Queen. You're inspiring me to start my own blog . . . but I tend to be inspired about a lot of things and never actually do them. Good for you for getting it done!