Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big's Adventures

This week has been quite a crazy one for Big thus far. On Sunday he was cruising around the fridge on his feet and managed to do a face plant on the tile.  The fall resulted in a chipped front tooth (and a lot of blood).  

Yesterday we all went to the dentist as a family in the afternoon. When we got home, Rophone put Big down to play and began to help me get dinner ready.  After a minute we heard Bud yell, "Hey!  Big is going down the stairs!" Rophone and I hollered and ran but only got there in time to see Big picking himself up at the bottom while he screamed.  Apparently someone had left the gate open and Rophone forgot to check.

Today at lunchtime Big was playing "cooking" with Bud. They like to pretend using spices from my cupboard, so I gave them a few to use and got busy doing dishes and making lunch. I wasn't paying a ton of attention since Big was safely seated in his highchair. Well, apparently the ground ginger has a flip top (Oops!  I never would have given it to him if I had noticed, I swear!) and Big managed to get it open and eat a mouthful.  For those of you who don't know, ginger is hot!  I wanted to take a picture of his face (you should have seen it!), but I was too busy trying to get him to drink some water to keep him from throwing up.

I am hoping the rest of Big's week is a lot less eventful. As you can see from the picture, he doesn't seem to be any worse for wear:

Tomorrow is Bud's 3rd birthday, so check back for details and pictures!

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