Monday, August 17, 2009

The Trip; Part Four

Day 4 of our trip found us at yet another reunion celebration-- park day for the whole family. The fact that the park had a water area for the kids was great. It kept the kids fairly occupied so the adults could stand around and talk.

This is my friend, Cheesy Marge (yes, the one who took the flattering photos of me eating the granola bar). She is so named because we share a great love of cheese. I love that she loves cheese, and I love that she is a warm and caring person. You can see how happy I am to see her by how tremendously hard I am smiling in this photo. (Note to self: learn to smile and look happily relaxed-- not as though the features of my face are getting sucked into some empty cavity in my skull.)

You probably can't tell, but this guy was our school mascot:

It was so great to see and reconnect with old friends again.

I sort of "went" with this guy in 8th grade-- until he tried to kiss me and I punched him in the stomach. Our relationship, as it were, was pretty much doomed after that.

The park was fun, although I was sad to have missed a few folks that had been there and left before we even arrived. That's what I get for trying to be a good girl by hitting some of church first. Hopefully they'll be at the next reunion so we can catch up.

After the park, it was back to the Hilvy's for more fun, food and relaxation. Being able to stay at their house made our quick and busy trip a truly restorative one.

Big and Uncle Hilvy really bonded.

There is just about nothing cuter than a couple of real guys sharing a bonding moment.

Another fabulous day of our trip, wouldn't you say?

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