Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Trip

Last week we went on a trip to the place of my birth for my 20 year high school reunion (I know you're gasping in disbelief because I don't look a day over 35, but it's true). It was a short trip, but a total blast. I managed to snap 629 pictures over the course of the vacation, so I'll have to cover the trip with more than one post, and they'll have to be short and sweet since I'm supposed to be packing to move-- so here's Day 1.

We arrived at my sister Martha's after a long day of driving, to be welcomed by extreme heat. Martha got the sprinkler going for the kids to play in while we made dinner on the grill to avoid any further heating up of the house.

Before we left on our trip, I asked Big if he was excited to go. He replied, "Yup! And when we get there I'm going to say HOWDY!" Here is a picture of him doing just what he said he'd do:

It's nice to know I'm raising a child to keep his word. I'm pretty sure that in this next shot he's driving me crazy. No need to ask directions.

It's always amazing to me that even when it's a gazillion degrees outside, Bud gets blue lips and shivers from the cold. Oh, the curse of having no body fat!

Both the meal and the company were fantastic. What a great start to our vacation! Thanks Martha and Plumbean!


janeannechovy said...

Sorry about the heat! But we had a fun time anyway. Come back soon!

Jen said...

Okay, now you're giving me incentive to finish my trip update which has all but been forgotten. I didn't even make it to the part where we got to Oregon. I better get crackin'!

P.S. Love the picture of Big driving you crazy, you made me laugh!

Sassymama said...

Glad you had a great time. Yeah, and what was up with the heat???

Btw... are you sure it wasn't our 10th? I'm sure we don't look a day over 28...

Riecke's said...

Your kids are gorgeous ! Good seeing you!