Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Trip; Part Three

Day three of our trip started out in a very relaxing way. On our visit last year, we spent an evening with old family friends, Aunt and Uncle Hilvy. This trip, we were welcomed very graciously into their home for 3 nights. What a dream location! Their 5 acres was such a peaceful place to escape to for some relaxation between planned activities.

Here is a shot of Uncle Hilvy as he kills a bug on his cheek (Hey! It's a farm!):

We spent the morning of our third day of vacation just lounging in the beautifully landscaped upper yard of their farm. Ginger and Bud struggled to stay awake as they lounged on the hammock in the morning sun.

I was just thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet. As I took in the lush and beautiful surroundings, I felt the tension drain from my body. Ahhh.

When Bud realized that he was about to fall asleep, he quickly jumped up from the hammock and set about his firefighter-ly duties.

It's a very serious job, you know. Definitely no time to pause and give the photographer a look. It's very important to stay focused on one's task. Can't you tell?

In the evening, the Hilvys' daughter (and my friend), Lima, had all of my kids come over to her house for a pizza dinner followed by movie night so that Rophone and I could go to my 20th HS reunion dinner (thanks, Lima!)

The dinner was a total blast, although I didn't eat very much. This left me with a bit of a low blood sugar issue as the night wore on. When the situation began to get dire, my wonderful husband ran out to the car to get me a very melted granola bar. The granola bar was melted enough to make indulging a bit of a task, so my friend, Cheesy Marge, stole my camera to document the moment. I obliged her with a show for her efforts. (No, I don't usually eat in such a way, I promise!)

(Odd... I just noticed that the middle finger of my left hand seems to be sticking up at Cheesy Marge and the camera.... Not that I was doing anything on purpose, of course, but I don't have much control over my subconscious actions...) I love how Rophone is looking on and then laughs about it with the others in our little circle. I'm sure that they are probably all agreeing that such behavior from me is pretty par for the course. What can I say? I'm "funny".

Anyway, I loved the chance to revisit the past and talk about the present with old friends and some new ones, too. I am so glad that we were able to go. Thanks, Rophone, for making it possible!


carmar76 said...

LOL cute. Looks like you had fun, tho, and that's what matters! : )

jwise said...

I'm glad you had such a good time. The tension-relieving farm sounds absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!