Monday, December 7, 2009

All They Want

We have a Christmas tradition of asking the kids to write out (or dictate to others) a list of things they would like for Christmas. One might argue that it is just encouraging the greediness of the season, but we find it a helpful means to find out what they really want without being obvious about asking. Plus, the things they write down can often be hilarious. 

And revealing. 

And scary. 

And optimistically ridiculous. 

I scanned and took photos (when the scanner decided to act wonky) of the kids' lists this year and I thought I'd share them with you.  

This is Big's list, as dictated to me:

It is easy to see from this list what Big is obsessed with at the moment. I think he's rather greedy to want a second pool table, but I guess he just wants one of his own. We currently only allow him to use the top half of a pool stick-- it seems that number 4 on the list is letting us know what he thinks he should be using. 

And you can tell from #3 and #6 that he really, really wants his own drum set. In black, he says. But, I'd have to say that after hearing the awfully terrible sound of Big hitting Bud on the top of his head with a drumstick tonight.... yeah, that's not happening any time soon.

The next list is Bud's. I find it to be so revealing of the way his mind works. I love it.

I really kind of hope he gets #11, I can't wait to put him to work. And I'm not quite sure how Bud decided on the design of the notepad for #12, but that's what I love about him-- you never know what will come out of his mouth. I suppose he's going to use #18 to spruce up his room a bit, but doesn't want the upkeep of a real plant. He'll have enough to do with that kind of stuff if he gets #13.

Ginger's list is a little hard to read, but let's just say that some of it falls into the "optimistically ridiculous" category. That's probably why she included the note at the end that reads, "If you can't bring me these things bring what you think would be best for me." She's a smart girl. Hmmm... maybe there's some psychological play going on here.

It was so thoughtful of her to request a cedar wood play set without swings (since there's already an old school swing set in the backyard). That should save a few bucks. The play set, along with numbers 2 and 10, the trampoline and swimming pool--medium (she explained that a large swimming pool would be unrealistic to ask for), should fit just fine in Santa's sleigh, but might put a bit of a strain on the available space in the backyard. Just a tad. 

Oh, and I love that Ginger requested a Geo Trax train with a girl driver. Girl power!

Pen's list illustrates how completely she is straddling the line between being a young girl and a teen. 

Should Santa bring Pen the American Girl Doll and the Build-a-Bear, knowing she will outgrow them before she realizes? Or should Santa bring her a laptop, knowing she will be doing more research and typing of papers when she enters middle school next year? 

Pen received an Easy Bake Oven from Santa 3 years ago, but it had to be returned due to a recall. Then, we somehow managed to misplace the voucher for a replacement. She hasn't given up asking for a new one. It's been on her list for the past 2 years, but now she's upped the stakes and added cake mixes and a chef's hat to the request. Is this the year it will be fulfilled?

What should Santa do? Such a dilemma. I sure am glad I don't have his job!


jwise said...

Those are great lists. I love how creative and thoughtful they all are. (American Girl has an ADORABLE "tiny treats" cookbook, by the way!! Belinda got it for her birthday. And if you decide to go the Easy Bake Oven route, I have recipes for make-your-own mixes so that you don't have to continue to spend $5 for a mix that makes 2 cookies.) I don't know why, but "a pretend tree" is my favorite. Although *I* want a Harry Potter movie myself!

janeannechovy said...

These are awesome. I haven't gotten Newton to write a list yet--doesn't he realize that if he doesn't do it soon, all the shopping will be done already? The Wizard wrote his list all by himself--Mavis helped him with "Dear Santa," then had to leave the room to attend to Cindy Lou or go to the bathroom or something, and he came back to a completed letter: "TRUK BLOKS" or something like that--I should find and scan it, too.

carmar76 said...

Yes, I'd have to say the tree & the broom were the most surprising and cute!