Friday, December 11, 2009

Mannequin Pals

Rophone had the day off yesterday, so we took the boys to the mall while the girls were in school. Like we usually do, we entered the mall through Nordstrom so the boys could look at the fish in the children's department.  

As we were leaving that store to enter the main part of the mall, Big, who wasn't watching where he was going, just about bumped into a mannequin. He looked up at the mannequin, gave him a head nod, and said, "Hey, man." Then he noticed it was actually a group of mannequins and said, "Oh. Hey guys."

In another store a few minutes later, Big reached out as he was passing a seated little girl mannequin and patted her on the knee saying, "Hi there, cutie!"   

He didn't even seem to mind that she didn't have a head. 

It's nice to know I've got a boy who'll look beyond outward beauty.


janeannechovy said...

That boy has a funny mommy, too. :)

jwise said...

How hilarious! :) Love his sense of humor.