Monday, December 14, 2009


The snow that fell this weekend was perfect for making snowpeople (snowpersons?), so I decided to take the kids outside to make some yesterday. Besides being a fun activity to do together, there was the added benefit of the cold air helping out Big with his croup. Croup sucks, by the way. 

Anyway, here are two snowpeople I helped the kids create. After I went inside, they made a plethora of snowkids for the couple, which I neglected to photograph. Sorry, snowkids!

This is Pop. The mom snowperson. Bud and I created her together, and it was seeing her that prompted Pen and Ginger to want to make their own. 

Even though Pop has buck teeth, her husband, Bugly, still finds her to be beautiful. It may be that when he gazes into her brussels sprout eyes that he sees the moon and stars and forgets all else.

This is Bugly. The daddy snowperson. Pen, Ginger and I made him, with some heavy lifting help from Bud. Thanks, Bud!

Pop thinks he's really sweet. I'm not sure if she is referring to his disposition, or how he tastes when she gives him a smooch on his sweet pickle lips (Of course they kiss! They're married! They have snowkids! They are a very seriously committed snowcouple!).

Thanks kids (and snowpeople) for the great time!


jwise said...

Wow! They did a good job! Those are great. Looks like fun. (And, yes, I would definitely guess that croup sucks. Poor kid!)

Jen said...

Calvin and Hobbes would be proud!