Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obelisk Happens

Pen competed in the regional spelling bee today. I know she didn't do as well as she hoped, but I'm proud of her. She was eliminated in the 7th round while trying to spell the word 'obelisk'. Thinking it was of french origin, Pen spelled the word with an -isque ending. 

She has informed me that not asking for the language of origin will forever be a regret, since she knows that if she had been aware it is a word of Greek origin she would have most likely spelled it correctly. The kicker is that 'obelisk' was the only word in the entire bee, up to that point, that Pen didn't know how to spell. She even knew all of the words used in the remainder of that round. What are the chances?

Then there's the fact that she had to pee. Badly. They had gone 5 rounds without a break and she was feeling the effects of the water she had guzzled in nervousness. Poor Pen must be like me-- for me, trying to concentrate when I have to go pee is like trying to look pretty when wearing headgear. 

I mean, I've never worn headgear so I don't know from experience-- but I've seen people in it. 

Anyway, we're super proud of Pen. Just making it as far as she did is a huge accomplishment! And the fact that she's already studying for next year as I type this tells me that she's determined to make a go of it again and better her top 14 finish (out of 56 kids from 4 counties). I can hardly wait! Good job, Pen! We love you!

(Oh, and if you want to read Pen's own account of her spelling bee experience, you can find it here.)


SassyMama said...

As one who has sported a headgear (an possibly one of the reasons for your justifiably dim view of the beauty possibilities of such dental equipment), I must say... you must REALLY not be able to think when you pee:).

Yay for Pen. Good job, girl.
As for the word you missed-- live and learn, you'll make 'em sweat next year!

jwise said...

Congratulations!! Yeah, it really does stink when that's the only word you didn't know! GR. I remember getting eliminated from a spelling bee once by just inadvertently SAYING a "k" when I meant "c." I was totally shocked when I was told I'd spelled the word wrong--I knew how to spell it and I was sure I had spelled it right! Nerves, I guess. Maybe as bad as pee.