Monday, March 8, 2010

Using Tools

It has been said that man's ability to use tools is a sign of intelligence. Pencils are tools. Multi-use tools. With one end you can write. With the other end you can erase. 

But, wait! There's more!

Clever and resourceful girls use them to hold makeshift hair buns in place. Itchy people use them to scratch difficult to reach itches. Moms can curl their lips up and make a pencil into a mustache to amuse their ornery children. Boys like my husband use pencils as pretend drumsticks as they air drum.

Boys like the one who sits across from Pen at school stick their pencil eraser up their nose and then lick it off. 

Oh, yeah. That's intelligence.


jwise said...

Yeah.... BOYS. Using tools isn't ALWAYS a sign of intelligence. Definitely.

t0moo said...

They only use tools when anatomical deficiencies prevent licking directly...

Pen said...

Today he did it with his finger! I mean, doesn't he get that that's disgusting?!?!