Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Graduate

Pen graduated! Yup. She is now officially a middle schooler. Hard to believe. Since I'm only 25 and all. 

Here's a picture of the principal as he gets the festivities started. He's pretty great.

Amazingly enough, Pen had perfect attendance for the year. I guess that our religious use of hand sanitizer (due to Rophone's lowered immune system) must have worked. Here's a shot of blurry Pen receiving her certificate from her blurry teacher:

Ta-da! Pen is so thrilled. Obviously.

We were treated to a few musical numbers, as well. It wasn't until later that Big started to growl (making me think that Abominable Big was coming back!), so I was able to enjoy it.

The graduation was so real that they even had a speaker! (It was now that Big started to growl, but I didn't mind because the speaker was a tad long-winded. The distraction was nice.) 

Then it was time for the diplomas! 

Pen looked beautiful (and blurry) as she accepted her diploma and extras from her mostly blurry teachers. It wasn't me or my camera, of course, that made them that way. They just are.

A few more musical numbers...

..and a slideshow (yes, I refrained from taking pictures of the pictures) and...



For whatever reason, Pen's 'awkward years' seem to be soooo much less awkward than mine thus far. I don't know why for sure, but I have a slight inkling that it's because she wasn't a tomboy who let a sister cut her hair so it was spiked on top and had a duck-tail, resulting in a few new girls crushing on her for a couple of weeks before they found out she was a girl...


Just a tad.

Congratulations, Pen! We love you!


carmar76 said...

LOL Your last little bit there gave me a nice burst of amusement, thank you!

And congrats again to Pen - she's having a great end of the year!

jaydubdub said...

Congratulations!! Wow! Middle school. Yeah, a minimum of awkwardness is always desirable. :)

Laura said...

Hahahaha, you ate hilarious!
Congrats on the graduation, she's beautiful!

Roger said...

Congratulations. They just keep on growing up and up, especially this one.