Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To a T

Bud is so excited that he is able to play t-ball this year. He has been looking forward to it for years. His season is just past the midway point and I finally managed to get some pictures (That doesn't sound like me, does it? And of course it was on the sunniest, too-bright-for-pictures day). 

We bought Bud his own helmet and, as you can see in the pictures, he pretty much wears it the entire time he's playing. It reminds Rophone and me of the Jack in the Box commercials and makes us giggle. At least he'll be safe. Well, except for the possible neck strain he might suffer.

Bud's a pretty consistent batter-- he hits it pretty much the same distance, to the same side of the field, every time. 

Making a Baywatch run at first...

And then he played first. Yup, with the helmet still on. It causes some confusion, actually.  It's pretty tough to run the bases, too, what with all the fielders wanting to stand on the base along with the runner. The kids take the coach literally when she tells them what position she wants them to play. No matter how many times you tell the kids they don't have to stand on the bag when they're playing the position, they don't seem to believe it. 

Wait! I can't believe it! I hollered at him and he listened-- I can actually see space between him and first base! 

This is truly a date to be remembered. Although, now it looks like the other kid should have the mitt since he took his helmet off. So confusing, this t-ball thing.

Make the play, Bud!

The next inning he went and played catcher. For that position he is supposed to wear his helmet, so it's a good fit. Plus, he takes his job of ball retrieval and placement on the tee very seriously. You can tell.

I am so glad Bud is finally getting a chance to play because he really loves it. I can't wait until his next game! 


janeannechovy said...

So cute with that big ol' helmet! Can hardly wait to see him.

jww said...

Cute! I'm glad he's having so much fun. I love that he loves the helmet. :) Good for him!

The Watty's said...

Great shots! I remember the t-ball days...or the interested in everything but the ball days! FUN!