Friday, June 11, 2010

A Smart Start

Bud isn't the only one playing baseball this year-- Big is playing, too. Well, when he's not hungry, too tired, bored, or distracted by trucks with trailer hitches. None of our other kids started sports this early, but I thought that with Big's extreme love of balls and great coordination that getting him involved was a must. 

I was sorta right. 

I haven't decided yet if his occasional lack of focus is due to his age or the format. Probably both. I know that Big doesn't like the format-- it's a parent/child program to teach 3-4 year olds the fundamentals of baseball. He gets bored running the drills and not all of the coaches are very personable. I have no doubt that if he were able to play a real game he'd be all on top of it. 

Still, he has fun. 

Part of the time. 

He really didn't like the one coach who was unenthusiastic and mumbled. When he was doing her drill is when he said, very loudly, "Baseball is BORING!" I think he actually wanted to say that the coach was boring, but I've raised my children to be tactful.

He sure is a lot of fun to watch, though. 

They always start the practice by warming up their arms. This is where I think the boredom starts to set in-- they have to throw for a long time because so many people are always late. But, the good part about everyone else being late is that Big can claim his favorite spot to throw from. 

Calling for the #5 pitch-- a change-up...

They have the kids hit koosh balls hanging from a stick. Not Big's favorite, I think. He was much happier this week when they let him hit balls his dad pitched to him.

Next, they did more throwing. This is when Big announced to the team how boring baseball is. (I love how he throws like he's shooting a basketball)

I think what annoyed Big the most about the drill, even more than the boring coach and its repetitive nature, is how the other kids kept knocking the cone over. So annoying! The OCD in me was glad he fixed it.

I love how he gives the cone the eye as he makes his throw, making sure that it's going to stay put.

And then even more throwing (sorry, Big), through a hula hoop this time. He took care of the cone at this station, too. I'm glad Big understands the importance of such a thing.

It's about now that Big started to get really hungry and tired of the whole thing. He made it through this drill (barely) and then had a meltdown. It was really hot so we weren't super sad to go. It was just more throwing anyway. 

Man, he's cute!


carmar76 said...

I have meltdowns when I get hungry & bored, too. Does that make me immature or Big super mature? ; )

jww said...

Great pictures. None of my kids can handle those "training camp"-type sports programs. They just want to get to the POINT of it all. So I can definitely understand Big. I'm the same way with the cones (or with OCD anyway)--isn't it totally fun to have a child the same way?!? I have loved that about Ethan.

patti's place said...

It's fun to see how you capture the moment. Great photography!