Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessing Edith

We decided to bless Edith yesterday-- since my folks got home early it made sense to do it now. That way my sister, Auntie Art, could be there (she's having twins soon!). Plus, next month she'll be even heavier than she is already! Edith is still hooked up to the apnea monitor, but we just unplugged her from the machine for a few minutes to get 'er done. The last thing we wanted was a loud beep to spoil the occasion.  

After we blessed her we headed home for a party. Usually we would have a party to celebrate the blessing, but since it was Bud's birthday we decided to have his birthday party instead. Last year he spent all day at a funeral for his birthday, so I wasn't going to slight him on his day this time around. Edith won't remember anyway.

But, we did manage to get a few pictures of the blessing outfit and folks before we got the birthday party started. Edith looked super cute, I think. 

We love you, Edith!


carmar76 said...

i think you all look super cute! : )

janeannechovy said...

Omigoodness look at those chubby arms! And that cute little nose! Just want to eat her up.

Have to chuckle--my captcha is "hiliters." Really? Isn't that a brand name?

Tamsen said...

Hooray, an entire family photo! She IS super cute. I love that dress.

jww said...

Very sweet!! I love the family pictures!! What a wonderful day!

John R said...

Wonderful day with so much to be thankful for. The baby blessing, Bud's birthday and Jana's chicken pot pie.

SassyMama said...

Congrats! What a good looking family:)