Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wow! Six!

Bud turned six on Sunday, so after we blessed Edith at church we headed home for Bud's birthday party. He requested my chicken pot pie for dinner (his favorite!), so eating a big plateful was first on the celebration agenda. 

After dinner Bud opened his gifts. Auntie Art took the photos so I could feed Edith. Thanks, Auntie Art!

Bud loves to crack jokes about my choice of boxes. Here he is pretending to be thrilled at receiving a box of crackers:

Luckily, the boom box elicited the hoped-for reaction from this music lover:

Then it was time for cake and ice cream, of course. Once again we had Bud's favorite; lime yogurt cake (which I neglected to sprinkle with powdered sugar or place the cars on) and cherry chocolate chip ice cream. The neighbor also brought over a blue and orange frosted chocolate cake. Thanks neighbor!

I really could do an entire post just on the process of Bud blowing out the candles. He definitely should get points for style, but it did take him a while. The fact that one candle (not even a trick candle!) kept relighting didn't help him accomplish his task (I took the photos this time).

Okay, another go.

And watch the hair!

If he can just get that pesky red candle out, he'll be okay to move on to the next cake. 

Okay here we go.

No, wait. That red candle re-lit itself again. Pesky.

Time to give it another go, Bud.

That must've done it. Just one more cake to go.

About 10 more blows later and....

... DONE! Happy Birthday, Bud! We love you!


jww said...

What a celebration!! I love the boom box pictures! That is awesome for him! Those birthday candle pictures are really something else!! SO CUTE!! It's like being there. :) Your cake sounds delish--and how nice of a neighbor to bring one, too. Very cool.

Jen said...

I can't imagine how much spit was on those cakes after that much blowing!! hahahahahaha! I always love the photo-journalism. :)

The Laundry Queen said...

Really, I only used about 1/3 of the blowing pictures. It took a looong time. Everyone did say my cake was really moist... ; )

patti's place said...

Photos are great and the cakes were delicious. Thanks for letting us come to come to celebrate. Love you!

carmar76 said...

Wow, that red candle was a pickle! Love the pictures, so happy he had a great birthday this year!

Also, the cake sounds delicious...