Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Firsts

With no other plans for the day, and Halloween happening on Wednesday, today seemed the perfect time to carve the pumpkins we picked out at the store last night. Well, perfect except for the fact that Rophone is out of town. I wish he could have been here with us because there were some Halloween firsts that happened. 

The kids were all so excited to carve their pumpkins, even Edith who really had no clue what was going on. At first, Edith wouldn't even let me cut a hole in her pumpkin so she could clean it out. She was just elated to even have her own pumpkin!

Eventually Edith let me cut a hole in it and I put it on its side so she could reach the innards. She peered into her pumpkin and said, "Ooooh! Yucky!". Then she dug right in and started cleaning it out. Not bad for her first time. 

She was having a ball and even tried out a little bit of the guts as a styling product. It didn't seem to have the same hold as the peach juice yesterday. Or maybe it's just that she didn't use as much.

Between the cleaning and the carving, we took a little break for lunch. Pen had the fabulous idea of having an hors d'oeuvres style picnic on the family room floor since the table was covered in pumpkins and their innards. It worked out great. I served them a plate with apple slices, banana chunks, and grapes; a plate with brie on two types of crackers; and a third plate with cucumber slices and sandwiches cut into bite-sized pieces. Num!

Another first this Halloween is that both Big and Bud actually poked out their chosen pattern on their pumpkins. I was so impressed with the focus and patience they both displayed in getting the job done. I mean, all of my kids have great attention spans, but what they were doing was time-consuming and kinda tedious. Big took a few breaks to shoot some hoops, but that's okay because we were short on pokers anyway. The job got done and they did fantastically!

One of the cuter moments was when Edith put her head inside Ginger's pumpkin so she could see the saw as it kept poking through. When she noticed I was taking her picture she said, "Cheese!" while her head was still inside. Cute stuff, Edith.

All in all, it was a really fun day. I sure hope Rophone is around when we do it next year, though. I'm exhausted! But, the results were definitely worth it.

Good job, kids!

(Pumpkins belong to (L to R): Ginger, Bud, Pen, Big, Edith)


jww said...

Hors d'ouvres for dinner is one of my FAVORITE party dinners!! We honestly and truly are having that for our family Halloween party tomorrow, even before I read your post. :) I LOVE these photos!!! Everybody did such a great job, as always. I love your pumpkin carving every year!!

Sue said...

So cute! You're a great mom.

CarrieMarie said...