Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Photographer

Big has really been getting into photography lately. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't excite me. A large part of me wishes that I had been able to begin experiencing photography at an earlier age. Maybe then I wouldn't doubt myself so much because it would just be a part of me. 

The original digital camera Rophone and I bought is the one the boys get to use, and Big was capturing some great shots with it. Until he dropped it one too many times last week, that is. When it stopped working he said, "Well, I'll just use the girls' camera." Um, no. The girls use my old camera (a very nice camera), so I told Big that until his butterfingers get better he's out of luck. 

I don't want his new interest in photography to fade away, however, so we might have to come up with a solution. I did let him use my phone to capture a few shots in the meantime. I think he has a pretty good natural eye and ability to frame his shots. I have to admit that his self-portraits are my favorites, though. He even edited some of the photos a little bit.

See? The best.

I love your photos, Big. Keep on shooting!


patti's place said...

He's quite the boy!

jww said...

That really IS cool. I wish I knew more about photography myself. At least he has an excellent teacher.

Digital cameras are so cheap these days. Even if it's not a nice one with a lot of features, it might make a cool birthday present!