Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

1. Last Saturday we went to watch Ginger play in both her basketball and futsal games. It was a lot of fun. I already posted about it in fact.

2. I went to the dentist on Monday morning. I love how clean my teeth feel afterward. Plus, no cavities! Awesome.

3. Edith and I read The Eye Book and then practiced winking. It was so much fun to do together. Edith is really good at it when she uses her finger. Hanging out with Edith is definitely a favorite.

4. I am still loving my mocha hot cocoa. Every morning. Ahhhh.

5. We got absolutely dumped on with snow this week. I loved it. It cleaned the air (I really, really hate the inversions around here) and gave me something to do outdoors. I feel so much better when I am able to do something active in the (clean) outside air. I enjoy shoveling snow, and we got enough that I had to shovel twice on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Big and Edith didn't seem to mind, either. We had a lot of fun.

6. Big was quizzing me on basketball stuff the other day, and I was pretty proud of myself for guessing his 2nd favorite basketball player on only my second try. Then we had this conversation:

Big: "You guessed my second favorite basketball player on your 2nd try!"

Me: "Yeah. I'm pretty amazing, aren't I?"

Big: "If you were really amazing you would have guessed it on your first try. I've told you this stuff a thousand times!"

Hilarious. As difficult as Big can be, my life sure would be boring without him. (Oh, and just so you know, he changes the order of his favorites all the time, so I really do rock.)

7. Edith is my favorite almost-two-year-old. She makes me laugh.

8. I am so glad Edith is starting to enjoy baths a little more. It makes it a lot more fun for both of us. 

9. It was so cute this morning to see Edith sitting at the art desk spinning Bud's globe, saying, "I'm looking for Turkey... I'm looking for Turkey... I'm looking for Turkey." The chair was low so she was only able to see the Southern Hemisphere. I had to laugh at her relief when I lifted her up higher to show her where Turkey was located. I think she was worried that all she could seem to find was Argentina and Australia.

10. We went as a family to the Museum of Art at the local university tonight. It was so much fun. The kids were all well behaved and kept their hands to themselves, even Edith. I love having respectful kids I can take out in public. It was great how interested and enthusiastic Edith was about all of the different art pieces. I was a little surprised when she announced that the Captain America holding the severed head (that I was worried would scare/scar her) was her favorite. Her reason for loving it? "It's gross!" So much for dainty.

11. Rophone bought me a cute little camera key chain at the museum gift shop. It flashes a little LED light when you press the button and makes a shutter noise. I really love it, although I need to remember not to look right at it when I press the button. I'm sure my vision will recover eventually. 

I'm actually thinking of discontinuing the Friday Favorites thing. I feel like maybe it keeps me from writing more detailed posts about the things we're doing and what I'm feeling, allowing me to just skim over things we've been up to with only a synopsis. On the other hand, I guess it keeps me posting. I don't know. What do you think (Yes, you. The few (very few) who actually read my blog)?

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mk said...

I love the idea of Friday Favorites, but the concept isn't working for me anymore, either. I love looking back at snapshots of my week, but I am having the same problem as you because my blog time is so sporadic anymore. I'm going to keep doing something like it, but I think I'm going to take the pressure off of Fridays. I do love reading yours, though! And I like it when you link to past posts that elaborate on things--best of both worlds. :)