Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bud's Baptism

Since Bud celebrated his eighth birthday last Wednesday, it meant that he was old enough to be baptized on Saturday when our stake held baptisms. He was so excited and so, so ready. I don't know what to say about his day other than to say that the Spirit was very strong and that Bud is an amazing boy. Truly amazing. Rophone and I were talking that night and we really don't know how parents like us ended up with a kid like him. Poor guy.  

I forgot my camera, but thank goodness I had my phone to snap a few pre-baptism shots. I could have used the same phone to take a few after-baptism shots, of course, but I forgot. I could say that doing a birthday party and a baptism less than two weeks out of surgery had something to do with it, but that sounds like an excuse. 

Bud's baptism was attended by his Grandma Fish, Grandpa Gorilla, Auntie Opera, Auntie and Uncle Art with their twin boybies, his Primary teachers, a member of the Primary presidency, his school teacher with her husband, and his parents and brother and sisters. It was a nice, intimate occasion. 

After it was all over the family came back to our house for some food. I thought it would be great to have "Snack" along with a few extras. Five kinds of cheese, 4 kinds of crackers, salami, pickles (both dill and sweet), a fruit platter, a veggie platter, and a few sweet breads. It all hit the spot. My dad would have happily snarfed it down. 

I'm so happy that Bud made the decision he did and that we have family who will come show their love and support by being there for him on such a special day. It was great. We love you, Bud, and we're glad you're you!


Laura said...

I love baptisms and the glow they have. Congratulations :-)

jww said...

Oh, that is wonderful! I was actually a little shocked that YOU forgot your CAMERA, but 2 weeks out of surgery... Makes total sense. I probably would have forgotten one of my children.

What a sweet event. Congrats, Bud.

Sue said...

It was a great day. Love that Bud!