Monday, May 13, 2013

The 'Big' Six

Big turned six last Friday. He knows his birthday comes only 9 days after Bud's, but boy did it seem like a looong nine days. We were all excited when the "Big" day arrived. 

It was pretty disappointing to Big that he wouldn't be having a friend birthday party this year, but then he found out that the elementary school would be holding their huge extravaganza on his birthday. It was like Big had the best party ever, without all the planning (or cleanup!). Perfect. 

Pen had a dance rehearsal and Ginger ran off to find her friends, so Rophone and I wrangled the 3 youngest. Big was really hoping that they would have the giant shark blow-up slide like they have for the past few years. When he saw it he was super excited. It's huge (I wish I would have taken a picture of the whole thing)-- the kids climb up the ramp to the side of the shark, enter through the tail and slide down the steep and fast slides, exiting through the mouth. My sister, Opera, mentioned that it kinda sounds like a shark colonoscopy. Kinda.

Anyway, Big absolutely loves it. I think he used about half of his punches doing it over and over. I love his pose in this shot. It cracks me up.

Big's other favorite thing to do is the giant blow-up obstacle course. I just love that it wears the kids out. 

The other kids and Rophone really enjoyed "Big's Party", too. 

After spending a bit of time (long enough) at the Extravaganza, we headed home for presents, pizza, and cake and ice cream. My mom and sister, Opera, met us there. Big got some really great stuff and has played with and read his presents pretty much non-stop since he got them.

I know that was a bunch of pictures, but I'm about to add on a ton more. Big's candle-blowing efforts really cracked me up this year. And alarmed me. He got awfully close. And it didn't even work! Well, not right away, but eventually.

Success! Happy Birthday, Big! We love you.

Oh, and I just have to add on this picture of Big wearing his birthday swag the next day. Stud.


patti's place said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing!

jww said...

What a fun birthday. How cool to have a party like that, too (at the school). That's a lot of tries at the candles but I'm glad he got them all. And didn't get hurt! :)

Sue said...

Those are some seriously awesome shots of him blowing out the candles! What an exciting day that was! Happy Big Day, Big!